Friday, June 10, 2011

A Project for a Little Fellow's Room

Much earlier in Norah's pregnancy, we talked about a wallhanging for the new little member of our familywho is due in August (on my 83rd birthday) and Norah talked about one of her favorite books as a little girl - The Little Fur Family.  She ordered one and had it sent to me as she wants to do the baby's room around that little story.  What a sweet little book it is.  I read her a lot of books, but don't recall ever reading that one.  We had a lot of Little Golden Books at our house from when our kids were little and those were what we read to the girls.  That and "Go Dog Go" which had been "illustrated" in part with funny pictures and sayings courtesy of Bill, our son, when he was young.  Have to admit there were some funny little drawings and messages he put in that book.

I digress.  The above picture is what I am working from and also it was drawn out by the same artist, Bill, who did Go Dog Go.  He drew me a full size pattern which makes it much easier.  Will use a combination of the above picture and

this one.  Using batiks so that I can do raw edge applique.  Some of my batiks I am not too happy with but overall, I think it will be fine.  I had envisioned something different for the sky but after searching through my stash and the three sources of fabrics here in town this is the best I can do.  I do love it with the browns.

Keep in mind this is just laid out and in process.  Will be doing trees on each side of the big tree and the little bear will probably go in the right hand corner someplace.

I reduced the size of the bear that Bill had drawn.  Will be able to tell more as I get more pieces laid out.  The little windows, doors and steps will make a big difference.  Should I put some clouds in the sky?   I guess you just keep cutting and trying and it will fall in place.  At first I was kind of leary of this, but I am actually excited about it now. 
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Lee Prairie Designs said...

You should be excited and I think this is going to be darling!!!

Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

Oh boy is that going to be so cute. How lucky to have the whole family working on this special piece. Elle found the mandivilla for me and they tried to charge her 29.00 for it but she had them check and I too got your wonderful deal also. We had lots of fun at the retreat, food was great, weather was hot buy we were cool enough, the sleeping rooms were airconditioned and we all got tons done. Earlene and Janet even rode the zip line. However, we all really missed you lots, you are the fun old hag!!!!!

Bonny said...

How cool is that? Your little great grandson will love it:)

Molly said...

That looks really cute, grandma! Norah is going to love it : )

C & N said...

Love it already!!! Love the wood in the tree especially -- will go so well with the furniture we are staining. :-)

Love you!

Karen said...

So very sweet Carol!!

Jewels said...

I have no doubt it is going to turn out just perfect Carol - can't wait to see it!

Pokey said...

What a sweet picture this will be, Carol! How beautiful to combine your art with the memory from Norah's childhood. It is looking great, too!