Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Adorable Little Outfit

The other day, Jane, my up-the-street neighbor, called and asked if I was going to be home - she and her great granddaughter had something for me.  This is that something - an adorable little knitted sweater and hat with a tassel for my little great grandson who is on his way.  What a lovely surprise - isn't it absolutely adorable?  I love the little rolled neckline. 
The buttons are so cute - it is such a wonderful gift.  It was sent off to Norah in Colorado the other day along with some little outfits Sherry and I bought at Macy's the other evening and they have arrived now.  The new mommy is very happy with the box of cute little things for the eagerly awaited little babe.  Thanks so very much, Jane - that was so special.  (Click to enlarge)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute as can be!

Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

I still have the little knit outfits that a mom at work made for all three of my children. You just don't throw something that special away. I still get them out and look at them every once in a while. Maybe they will be used again some day. Who knows.

Jewels said...

How sweet Carol. And fun by baby clothes for the "little man" - not much longer now! J