Sunday, July 31, 2011

More of My Red Quilttop

Hope you are not getting tired of this, but that is what is keeping me occupied in the warm, muggy weather.  I have made a change in the layout and will now make 16 blocks that will be set together without sashings.   There will be a first border of the diamonds on a light print that will be approximately 4 inches wide (makes for easy figuring) and then the darker red second border.  I'll decide the width of that later - I have plenty of fabric - but it will probably be 6 to 7 inches wide.  You can get the idea from the upper right hand corner of the picture.  That will result in a quilt of 85 inches or more square - a great size to go on a double bed with a dust ruffle.  This will look so pretty on my bed with the church window headboard.  I think there is still a photo on my sideboard.
Here is the 14th block in progress.  The pieces of the flowers have been sitting with the paper still on the back  and have curled.  Pretty close to having this one done - another flower and some buds.
Next on the agenda.  I do plan to make the grapes smaller - they are pretty large and would look better being smaller and having more of them.  I love grapes and cherries in blocks! After this one, there will be one more to choose from the many books and patterns around here.  I was having trouble enlarging them on my scanner but have now figured out how to put the scanned image into my Microsoft Digital Image program and printing it from there.   You can see that the pattern of the wreath is done in four pieces.  You can even reverse print if you wish.  Such a relief to be able to enlarge or make patterns smaller again without running to Staples.  The light bulb goes on over my head eventually!!   Keep cool, quilting friends.  (Click to enlarge)


carol fun said...

Who could be bored looking at these blocks? They are wonderful! I love that print fabric for the background - it makes the blocks sparkle. Try to stay cool!

Karen said...

Tired of looking at these blocks, never!!!! And, how beautiful it will look on your bed.