Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Foremothers

Lost in what she is doing, this woman reminds me of the way most people feel when they are working on a project and it has their complete attention.  Easy to get lost in the task and lose all track of time.
Here is a woman at her sewing machine.  It appears that she is seated there a lot making clothing for her family and pretty quilts for them also.  Note she is wearing an apron.  I would guess these pictures are from the 30's or 40's.
Another quilter with a gorgeous quilt on the frame diligently quilting.  Did she just start?  Or is she about finished.  I love the fans in the quilt.  Note to the left of the woman the little baby stroller.  That  is the kind I had for my babies.  Also, the ironing board has the familiar scorched, stained cover which needs to be changed.  And you can betcha the iron was a heavyweight, too, with a cloth cord.  Back in the day, when something went wrong with a small appliance such as iron, we had them fixed.  Now they go out in the trash - or maybe recycle.

You can find pictures like this at the website of the Library of Congress.  They have many many subjects to check out.  Also, one of my quilting friends sent me a link to new videos on the national quilt collection at the Smithsonian which you might want to check out  -

And Happy Fourth of July!


Donna said...

Hello, Carol! I have been following your blog for a wahile now. I also enjoy it. Being a family history buff, I loved today's post. Thanks!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Great post with great links. I had a stroller like that when I was little and yes, we did repair appliances -- things were so disposable -- maybe we should rediscover some of those old ways!

Pokey said...

I think we used to judge if the iron was a good one by how heavy it was, remember, Carol? Larry still complains on the lightweight irons of today...and to get one repaired nowadays, people look at you funny! ...and to keep running on this thought, it costs as much to repair, as to replace!!!

on your previous post, I noticed I started quilting a couple of years before you did. That's funny to me, as I see your work being so accomplished, sweetie! I identify with your fabrics, and the pattern.

Sending hugs to you, for the smiles you gave to me today ~ pokey

Karen said...

Excellent photos!