Monday, July 18, 2011

Seeing Red Again

Hot, hot weather - not my favorite by any means - and a real downpour this afternoon with lightning, thunder and wind followed by the power going out for several hours.  It's to be really hot through Friday, at least.  There is this about Michigan - it usually isn't as humid as, say, Kansas, for instance.  Every summer I used to wish there would be no July and August and instead have three Octobers!  This old lady is a cool weather kid.

Last week I was going through fabric in the basement and came across the red blocks I started maybe two years ago.  So I have put two more of them together - the two on the left of each row.  I have decided that the bottom one will have it's middle big flower changed - it needs more contrast.  These are fun to do and actually seem to applique faster than the small ones.    These are sixteen inch blocks.
I also fused another block for the Hop to It quilt.  There will probably be a couple of changes made here, too, before I applique it.  I was going along really well when the lights went out so that was that for today.  (Click to enlarge)


Jewels said...

These are lovely Carol. It really was a whopper of a storm - we had a tree come down that took out part of the fence around Gwendoline's pen...I'm with you - October weather all year round!

Leslie said...

Oh I feel so sorry for you to have lost your AC in the storm. We did not in Bay City. I love all of the blocks that you are working on, they are wonderful.

Kathie said...

I love your red applique blocks
can you tell me where the patterns are from

Bonny said...

I will trade weather with you! Today's high is suppose to get to 69 - right now it is 62 degrees and 10 am.
I live just outside of Seattle:)
We have not gotten our summer yet:)

I love your red blocks! So very very pretty - but then all your work is gorgeous!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

What lovely blocks. They look so striking all dressed up in red!