Saturday, July 9, 2011

Senility Coming on?

Here it is coming even further along - and it should have been ready to finish piecing today.  Alas and alack, it is not.   On Thursday, we had one of our monthly three all day sewing get togethers and I took along the makings of two hexagon flowers that I needed to finish the fifth row which I decided to add.  I finished them - took probably three hours.  Naturally, there was lots of chatting and laughing going on but that makes that sort of sewing easier to do.  Yesterday, when I went to find my little posies - I found that they have disappeared into thin air.  I am sure I brought them home in the little plastic project box that held all of my fabric, thread,etc.  I have looked high and low and they are no where.  I do imagine I will find them - probably after I have sewn two more.  One was a bright blue and the other a bright yellow so they certainly would stand out.  Don't you just hate it when things like that happen?  However, I am loving how this top is turning out and loving the fact that it is very easy to do.  Except for the time it takes to make the flowers, it was a snap.  And what is so cool, the flowers could be just plain appliqued flowers with a circle center - or a tulip - or whatever flower you wanted and you would not have to mess with the hexagons.  There will be a narrow green strip along both the top and bottom and a plain light strip also.  Then I will bind it in the green.   (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Looks so pretty!!! Did you check the floor of your car. I have the same problem with socks in the washing machine. My whole family not even one of us has less than 2 feet and some how I usually end up with the person that has only one foot and why am I doing their laundry!!! Where do they go?????

carol fun said...

Your quilt is so pretty, but those pesky missing flowers are annoying. I'm sure they will turn up as soon as you make replacements. I once looked high and low for a quilt binding I knew I had made - no where to be found. So I went and bought replacement fabric & made the new binding and the original somehow appeared in a bag under my cutting table - grrr! Such is life - happy stitching!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful Carol! I inlarge your picture and wow you should be very happy with this project. What a treasure this will be!

Hugs, Carolyn