Monday, July 11, 2011

So Pretty!

I don't have much of a garden anymore, but what I do have is doing well.  The mandevilla lost all of its buds after I repotted it, but look at it now.  Such a glorious pink.
I just leaned the trellis up against the wall and put the pot in front so the vines can climb.  I have some low plants in the front of that pot plus two other containers beside it.  There is a pretty hanging basket right near it, also.  When I glance out my sliding door, I see this pretty little mass of flowers.  Good for the soul.
(Click to enlarge)


Pokey said...

"Good for the soul" ~ I agree, seeing the color out your window, or as you sit a spell beside them, just bring a peace to your heart...and a smile to your face ~

Lee Prairie Designs said...

You are right "very good" for the soul. Your picture is almost like being there in your with you! Lovely :)


Leslie said...

I fertilized mine today, I used those new pellets. That was pretty simple compared to mixing watering can after watering can. I will see if it really works. Working on the slep bags for the vacationing girls in Leifs family. They are all cut and ready for sewing. They are going to be so colorful and pretty. Thanks again for the suggested pattern.