Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Having Blogger Problems - Highlight post to read

Much to my dismay, so far I have been unable to fix whatever it is that has messed up my blog background.  Unfortunately, I have lots to do today and tomorrow so this may just have to wait until I get back from meeting my sweet little great grandson.  Will try to remedy it when I can, but don't want to drive myself up a wall!!!!  


Karen said...

Oh dear Carol! Whatever this Photobucket is, it must not be free anymore. :(

Sue said...

I hate it when the blog gets messed up. Sometimes it's a problem with blogger and other times I think it's the moon or something.
Hope you get it figured out soon.

Enjoy your visit with your grandson. Is this him in the photo? He's precious:)

Beth Niquette said...

Good grief! You are right! Does Blogger have an answer for you? This is ridiculous! I LOVE your blog, by the way.

((hugs)) HOpe you get it worked out soon.

Nelly said...

We shall be here xxx