Sunday, August 28, 2011

Laurel Wreath

I think this is what I will use for the stems and leaves in the wreath for this quilt.  Will work with the 30's reproduction fabrics and was going to do all the leaves in different greens (will still give that a try) but rather like this dark green on the background fabric.  My thinking is that I can put a pretty stitch for a vein down each leaf with the Sulky thread that I use for the buttonhole stitch to applique the leaves.  Also, I think the plain leaves may make the designs in the wreath stand out.   I am shy one leaf in this picture and everything is just temporarily stuck on since I am using some Steam A Seam Lite that I have. 
The color is awful here (I took this on the lighted light box) but you can see how the appliques will fit in the wreath.
A cute bird - one of four or five.   I think this will be fun to work on even though I will probably be getting a little weary of leaves since there are 25 blocks!  Do love to work with Aunt Gracielike fabric.  Then again, I love working with all fabrics. 

Since this is not particularly a pretty post, I will add a picture I found on Pinterest which originally came from  .   You could get lost on Pinterest - great stuff.

Isn't that a beauty?

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carol fun said...

Those wreath blocks are going to be so pretty - I'm partial to the little birdies! And I love that pic from Pinterest -- simply breathtaking -- have a great week!