Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Beautiful Pillow

Sunday afternoon, my friend, Leslie, and her beautiful young daughter, Elle, stopped by and brought me this pillow that Elle made for me.  It is gorgeous!  And what a sweet surprise.  The petals of the flower are done in felt and sewn on individually.  It will have the place of honor on the red quilt.    Elle and I have kind of a mutual admiration society.  She is an ice dancer -  I think that is the right term.  Leslie takes her to Detroit to train and I know she has been working with various partners.   Mom and daughter are both cute and lots of fun.  In my quilt group, I am probably the oldest with  most of the gals being an age to be my daughters or granddaughters.  It makes me feel really good that I am included in their fun outings and their  creativeness.  I think  it helps to keep me feel younger and keeps me on my toes.
 To you, Elle, thank you so much for this beautiful pillow you made for me.  You touched my heart!
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carol fun said...

Pretty pretty pillow! Isn't it nice that most quilt groups are multi-generational? Right now I bumping up against the older crowd in my guild and I love seeing the newbies - they are so full of excitement and somehow believe that they've come up with wonderful modern ideas that are pretty similiar to the stuff we were doing 20 yrs ago. Oh well let them have their fun - it will keep quilting going!

Arielle said...

Mutual Admiration Society for sure!!!! Happy, Happy, Birthday my friend, Love Elle