Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a Nice Way to Start the Day

The phone rang this morning as I finished eating my breakfast.  It was Hannah - what a wonderful way to start the day.  All excited about being an aunt for the first time, she was congratulating me on my first great grandchild.  Hannah sounds wonderful - bubbly and happy with her cute little giggle.  Her next call was going to be to Norah to ooh and aah about the new little one who is doing just great.  Mommy and baby will be going home either today or tomorrow.
It's all  together now - put the last two red borders on this morning.  I started paper piecing the first border but that was going to be a slow go so I did some figuring and came up with the size to cut the little squares and fuse them on the strip.  Took a while but not as long as paper piecing.  The actual piecing the original way is not my favorite thing to do.  I will have it quilted and then have a new quilt for my bed.  It's certainly red, isn't it?  (Click to enlarge)


Janet said...

I'm sure you enjoyed a nice visit with Hannah. So good to hear her voice and know she is well. I love your red quilt. What a neat idea about fusing the squares. I would have never thought of doing that.

Karen said...

Looks fabulous on your bed and the border is really nice!

Bonny said...

I love your red quilt - so very pretty! I love the background print being a print instead of plain:)