Sunday, August 14, 2011


I love looking around on the different blogs looking at all the loveliness out there.  As I do, I usually "right click and save as" things that strike my fancy and put them in folders in My Documents.  I have a file there called "My Good Stuff" which is full of many files of all kinds of great inspiration, ideas and just eye candy.
The other day when I was on one of my favorite blogs,, Lori did a post on "Pinterest" which I had not heard of before.  She explains it and gives examples in her post on Wednesday, August 10th.  Pinterest is kind of like "My Good Stuff" in that it has many, many files of pictures that many, many people save and you can share theirs and they, in turn, can share yours.  I am still trying to get it all figured out and I will eventually.   You can go to  and see the little bit that I have there.  Somehow, I have listed quite a few people that I "follow" and I don't know exactly how I got some of them.  When you look at other files, you can repin and put ones you like in your own. What is great is that there is credit for the original poster beneath each picture. 

I think this is going to be great fun.  The little sampler above is something I spotted that I would love to make as a gift. According to the the girl making it,  (  it is only about the size of a sheet of paper. I would make it a little bigger.  Wouldn't that be a nice gift for a new baby?   This time it would be for another little baby who is to be born this month.  Maybe one for Henry later! 
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Donna~~ said...

I read the same blog as you and now am a Pinterest user too! Such a great way to organize ideas! Love the photos of your new addition to the family--so special!

Wendi said...

I can't seem to get an invite sent my way... it does look fun though, maybe soon! I'm off to check yours out. : )