Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vintage Magazines

I have been lazy since my big weekend and this afternoon have been surfing the net just looking at all the fun stuff out there.  Vintage magazine covers appeal to me so that was in the search box.  Then I added "needlework" and there were a lot of the old McCall's Needleworks and Crafts that I started taking back in the 1950's and took for a lot of years.  I had impressive stacks of them.  Each time we moved, they came along.  The Santa Fe paid for our moves (even had the packing done for us in the later ones) so no need to worry about getting rid of anything.  Another bunch of magazines I kept for years were old National Geographics.  Well, anyway, I finally did get rid of the old Mc's N & C's when we moved back to Illinois.  Of course, Ray was retired and Santa Fe was not about to pay for that move.  Put them all out in a garage sale and think someone finally did take them.
I really don't wish to have them back, but it would be fun to look through them again.   I used to make projects from them which don't seem to be nearly as cool as things are nowadays, but I have always enjoyed making things.  Case in point--
Here is some of my craftiness back in the mid 1960's.  The Madonna was from one of those old magazines and was gold felt on a white wicker window shade with gold sequins.  She really was rather pretty.  I think I had two clay flower pots painted gold with white spray painted branches and little ornaments hanging on them.  On the coffee table, is a cone with cotton balls and ornaments.  You can barely see the red felt stockings lying on the floor that I had made when the kids were really little.  This was taken the year Bill got his new bike.  Exciting Christmas for him.

Behind Bill who is deep in though with the game you can barely see my toothpick tree!  What a wonderful piece.  I stuck hundreds of toothpicks in styrofoam balls and piled them in the shape of a tree.  Stupid woman did not put glue on the toothpicks so that baby didn't last long.  Fun to see these old pictures again. Wow, where did the time go.  These were taken in our home in Topeka, Kansas.  (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Elle and I just got home from Detroit. It was a longgggg day, but she skated for International Judges today and they all were very complementary of her performance. The audience thought she was wonderful. It is nice to hear all of that, I think that I forget it and need to really enjoy her skating for a moment now and then. Perhaps I will sit a spell tomorrow, everyone needs a day or two like that.

Pokey said...

Oh, you dusted cobwebs off of some memories for me, Carol! My Momma's Styrofoam-toothpick-spray snow tree was so pretty to me, as was her silver spray-painted branches with glass balls.
All you left out was the gold-and-glitter magazine trees and IBM card wreaths....

Sherry said...

Wow! Big time stroll down memory lane! Do you have a picture of the painted bird plates?