Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back Home Again

Coming to meet us in the Denver airport was this sweet little baby boy (and his proud parents) and we were immediately smitten and in love with this precious little fellow.  You forget how small they are and how soft they are.  It was great to see Sherry and Barclay, the brand new grandparents, as they met Henry for the first time.  Each person has their own way to talk or sing or coo to the little one in their arms.  I think it just comes naturally - fun to hear.
Here are four generations--Funoldhag as great grandmother,  Aunt Molly holding Henry, Mommy Norah and Grandma Sherry.  Missing, of course, is Aunt Hannah but we talked to her and she is doing great.  (There is a brand new post that is fun to read - she has been rewiring her house and has new furniture.  Also has painted her rooms.  There is a link to go to her pictures and among all of them you will find her redecorations.  What a girl!  Click on her picture on my side bar to read her blog).  Now we will wait for December when all will be together, Hannah included.  I found that the altitude made me huff and puff especially when I had to climb stairs but all is well here at home.  Have taken some great naps the last two days, but will get back to my sewing soon.  (Click to enlarge) 


Leslie said...

I am glad that you are home and had such a great time. He sure is a good looking precious baby. What a joy for you all.

Karen said...

Such a bundle of joy!

Jewels said...

What a lovely little fellow Carol - and what a great pic of all of you... Looking forward to Guild next week so we can catch up - do you want a ride? Let me know. J

Pokey said...

Such a wonderful trip, how precious to get that little snuggle time with such a sweetie ~