Sunday, September 11, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

First of all, as we all know, this is the anniversary of the horrific day in 2001 when the unthinkable happened and I know it is on everyone's mind.  I find it hard to watch television and see and hear about that unbelievable event but it draws you in and you relive those days again.  I pray that there will be no repeat of anything like that ever again. 

My week has been lazy and unproductive - guess the old hag takes a bit longer to bounce back from a busy time even though it was such great fun.  How can you get pooped out having fun?  But, by golly, I didn't have any naps yesterday and today so far I don't feel the need for one so figure I am back on track!  Sherry and I went to see The Help yesterday - the best movie I have seen in a long, long time.  Now I know what everyone is talking is so good.   The young fellow who played the part of Stuart (Skeeter's beau) was driving me crazy trying to remember what show I had seen him in.  I knew I had seen him a lot.  I googled the cast, found out his name and discovered he had been in Private Practice which I watch all the time.   He's no longer in it as his character died. 

Yesterday I spent some time in the basement sorting through fabric - batiks.  These will be for Hop to It.  Do you think I have enough to pick from?  (Just being a smart alec!!)  More of them show in the top picture.
This is the first block of Laurel Wreath and I am certainly not happy with it.  So I am thinking of changing the leaves to assorted Aunt Gracie fabrics------
and I'm not crazy about that either but probably haven't tried enough fabrics with it.  On to doing it as in the quilts on Glorious Color with Kaffe Fassett---
and I am leaning toward this one.  I would give much more thought to choosing the fabrics than I did for this.  I also thought of doing it in batiks but that would be a lot like my hexie quilttop.  Decisions, decisions----(Click to enlarge)


Nelly said...

Love the last one and look fowrad to seeing The Help heard great things about it.

Leslie said...

Oh my, my, my who is going to pick up that mess!!! I guess you!! lol I vote for the Kaffe one it has the most spunk but if you change the leaves on the 30's I may like it. Should we take a ride to Quilted Cottage in Saginaw, they have a great selection of 30's. Let me know on Tuesday...