Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is in the Air

My favorite time of year!  It's noticeably cooler the past few days, days are getting shorter and the trees and flowers are starting to dress in their lovely fall color.  Here are the berries on my mountain ash tree - lots of them this year.  Two years ago, there were a lot of them, also, but last year there were none. It is making up for that again this year.
Today Sherry and I went out to Warmbiers - a simply wonderful place a few miles from here.  It has a great nursery, lots of concrete statues and one of the neatest gift shops I have ever seen.  Didn't know about it until a few years ago.  In the fall there are all the great fall items such as pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, mums, and lots of things for the kids to do.  Perfect day - blue sky, puffy clouds, wonderful temperature and a great shopping buddy - my daughter. 

I bought this old witch (maybe she is an old hag!) and set her on a wreath I have, tucked in some bittersweet I bought and she is ready to greet anyone coming to my house.  As in the old song - Ain't She Sweet?

She's not very pretty but she's still sweet.
This little fellow has been hanging around at my house for probably 18 years.  Bought him back in the days when there was so much wood at craft shows and he has stood up very well.  Managed to lose him for a couple of years - he was on a shelf in the basement and I didn't notice him - but eventually I spotted him and he's back greeting fall again.  I think he may need some more rope hair.

The free moonflowers that I had last year produced some more free ones for me this year.  They certainly love it at the edge of the patio and the plant gets so big.  I always have to cut some away so I can get on and off the patio. 
Not fall related (fallish colors, though) but some pretty Kaffe fabrics that one of the girls was auditioning for a quilt and two of us were along to cheer her on and give her support.  We went to the Park Bench, the new shop here in town that is already a year old.  Great place! It was guild night so she was going to go back next day - will find out next week if she went with this particular group.  They are so very pretty!
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leslie said...

Speaking of your witch while in detroit on friday i saw the funniest bumper sticker it read... Talkabout bad days how about the day when the house fell on my sister. Ikind of got the idea you shouldnt mess with the gal driving that car!

Pokey said...

What a cute old hag to greet your friends at your door (oh and I love what Leslie had to comment, too!)
Your moonflower is beautiful, do you mean it came up on its own? And those bright Kaffe Fassett prints just make me want them all-!!

Jewels said...

How lovely Carol - this is my favorite time of year too...I think Warmbier is pretty cool but I just forget to go out! I think I'll get my pumpkins and gourds at the farmers market this year. See you soon. Jewels

Karen said...

I have more spring in my step, now that fall is in the air! :)