Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Little Christmas Project

Saw a table topper that I thought was so cute and am replicating it.   Is that a good word?  Found that I have plenty of Christmas fabrics from Christmases past so am doing one from my stash.  I have had the little trees blown up bigger and will probably do one that will almost fill the dining room table, but it is a bit cumbersome doing the buttonhole stitching on something that big with lots of twists and turns. 
The little round peppermint candy deal has been taken off.  I want to find some cute buttons to sew on - maybe a star? 
Here it is ready to be quilted but my machine is giving me fits and my thread is breaking.  That is really unusual and I will have to find the right combination.  Taking a break to unfrazzle my nerves!   I also have to figure out how to bind it and I am entertaining the idea of cutting it into a circle and doing some close quilting along the edge and just bind it in the background fabric.  Really not wanting to fiddle with bias binding - getting lazier in my old age.  I like the little piece, though, and think it will look cute with something festive in the center.
(Click to enlarge)


Sue said...

Oh how I love your Christmas table topper! This is just so pretty !!

I am sorry to hear of your thread breakage issue. I hate it when this happens. Do you need to change your needle? You have probably already thought of this, but I am just thinking out loud, I guess.

Be blessed this weekend!


Leslie said...

I agree, this is very cute!! Is your thread old, maybe. I can run your machine to Fabric Fair if need be, let me know.

Karen said...

Wow! That is very nice Carol!

Janet said...

Carol, that is a beauty! I don't usually go for table toppers but I love yours. The quilting looks great and I love how the white looks like a snowflake in the middle.