Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Pretty Old Toddler's Dresses

I have two very pretty, old dresses that are for a toddler or small child that came from the family that my parents rented our old house from.  They had three cottages along the river and our house was through the orchard and about a block from the river.  Dad worked out our $10.00 per month rent by taking care of the cottages - mowing, odd jobs.  There was a mother and two of her sons each with a place.  The mother - Grandma Lynch - had her house just full of wonderful old antiques which I was really too young to appreciate at the time.  I also have a chamber pot from her cottage and that is how I got into collecting those. 

Another dear little dress.  Pretty shadow stripe in this one.  Both feature very pretty lace trimming.
These adorable little shoes belonged to my husband.  The leather is so soft.  I think I bought new ribbon and threaded it through and also attached them together with it.

The darling little booties are also ones that Ray wore.  Those little bows are the original ties. 
And here is Hannah probably between two and three years old dressed in one of the little dresses and carrying a basket of dusty, dried flowers.  We were being silly and thought it would be fun to have her pose in the little dress.  More pictures in an album someplace but this one works well.   The basket is my one and only attempt at basket weaving which, I discovered, I do not like doing.  Love the baskets but not the wet materials.  (Click to enlarge)


Nelly said...

How cute are those dresses and Miss hannah.

Donna~~ said...

Such pretty dresses and such a cute photo--how special that is! And the booties--oh my!

Leslie said...

Those dresses are so very sweet. I have looked at them and admired them, they are just perfect where you display them. Have fun on this warm and pretty weekend. I love all of the turning leaves.