Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Beautiful Quilt

 First of all, I am sorry this is not a really clear shot of this gorgeous quilt, but I am certain you can get the idea of it's beauty.  Yesterday afternoon, my friend Leslie and her awesome daughter (what a terrific young woman!!) stopped by carrying something in a trashbag.  Leslie had written in a comment to one of my posts about something her BIL had given her and she was overwhelmed when she saw it.  It was this beautiful, crossstiched quilt in absolutely perfect condition with beautiful stitching.  A stunner!

 I took a couple of closeups and they are much more in focus.  Her BIL got this at a church auction and, if I remember right, it was done by two sisters and finished about thirty years ago when the sisters were in their seventies.  Evidently, the ladies had a falling out, and the quilt was never used.  It's exquisite.  It looks as if it was pre-marked - quilting lines and even lines to separate the blocks.  When you hold it up to the light, you can tell it is a whole cloth  and it may have been a packaged kit.  I have seen some quilts like this but never one so stunning.  It is so much prettier in one color than it would have been in multiple colors. 

Some of the blocks are repeated several time and others look like the same blocks but have different flowers or birds in them.   Leslie said she has so many times heard people say they have come into something wonderful - like a Singer Featherweight for next to nothing - and now she has this gorgeous quilt that she got from a very savy brother-in-law who knew just where something like that should go and where it  will be treasured.  Taking it to Leslie ensures an existence of care and appreciation from her and from Elle, also.  Hats off to that BIL!!   

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Sue said...

Gosh, that really is a gorgeous quilt. I am sure that took a long time to make whoever did make it. It's beautiful.