Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, Already

This has been a quick week.  Two days I spent in a class with twelve other quilters doing a fused flower wall hanging.  The construction of the piece was quite time consuming and it also entailed fabric painting.  I did not get mine done and will probably not get back to it until after Christmas.  I intended to take my camera and forgot both days.  Some of the girls finished their pieces and they were lovely.  Sorry I don't have photos. 
This picture and the one at the beginning are my Christmas cactus blooming nicely.  Always in late October and early November.  The color is so bright it is almost neon.

Here are three of my favorite antiques all in one little group.  The spool cabinet is one that was an anniversary gift from my husband a long time ago.  He gave our daughter money and she found this at a wonderful antique store in Lawrence, Kansas, called Quantral's Flea Market.  I so love this piece.  It was probably used on a counter in a notions department at a department store years ago.  We added the legs which could be easily removed, but I love it as a side table.  I had enough of the old spools of thread to fill the fronts of the drawers.    On top sits my first ever antique purchase.  An old hotel in Ft. Madison, Iowa, sold out the furnishings and I got this old pitcher and bowl for $1.50.  I never had much to spend on things like that in the 50's so I was elated to have this neat old set.
This is the chamber pot that my dad got from the old lady who owned our house and had a summer cottage close by.  He took care of her place.  When we came over from Iowa to visit my parents and I saw this I flipped.  It came back home on the train with us. 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love your blooming Christmas Cactus! Mine is pink also-- and will bloom in about 3 weeks or so. I have a apricot color is supposed to bloom by Thanksgiving and I do call it my Thanksgiving Cactus--now, I think it will bloom closer to Christmas as the buds are still small.

Your spool cabinet is a treasure in more ways than one-- as it was a family gift that your daughter started for your anniversary present and your husband took it from there. Very special and a wonderful memory of you and your husbands anniversary. I have a picture and bowl like what you bought for $1.50 mine was my Great Grandmother's (Gaga)you got a buy!!!!

Thanks for your show a tell.

Hugs, Carolyn :)

Sherry said...

Cactus is gorgeous! Just noticed buds on my pipsqueak yesterday. Love you!

Pokey said...

I love everything in your post today, Carol! Your pink blooms are beautiful, Stitchin' by the Lake shared hers, too. Mine will not be in bloom until Christmas or after, usually.
I have always wanted a thread display case, your addition of table legs sure makes it useful! I made a bowl and picture in ceramics class for my parents' 20th wedding anniversary, and my brother now has it with the passing of Daddy last year. and the chamber pot, well mine is an old porcelain one that my sweet MIL brightened up years ago with decoupage. Once again, I think we would be very comfortable in each other's home ~

Leslie said...

I also just love your post. We are on our way home from new York the wedding was just wonderful and fun. For all. See you soon.

Karen said...

Beautiful blooming cactus! Love the thread cabinet.