Friday, November 18, 2011

One Hour and Ten Minute Table Runner

The pattern for the ten minute table runner has been floating around for some time now, and the other day I made one.  Only exception is that I decided to do some applique and it turned out it took quite a while to do the three snowflakes.  They look so simple, but there are five little extensions on each arm of the flake so that was lots of stopping, turning and going again.  I did some of those on runners a couple of years ago and now remember that they were pretty tedious.  However, a simpler flake could be used.  Another thing I would change about this is the length and the width.  It's kind of short and stubby.  The fabric is to be cut width of fabric, but I wanted the rows to go up and down and I only had a yard of the striped.  Therefore, instead of being approximately 42 inches long, it was 36.  The main fabric (in this case the red with the appliques) was to be cut 10 to 12 inches wof.  I cut it 12.  Next one it will be 10.  The printed was cut 18 inches wide and I think I might cut that a bit smaller, also.   If I had not appliqued, it really would have been super fast!  (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

I love your table runner. Elle and I were cruisin to your Christmas C.D. that you gave us last year on our way home from Detroit today. She has to choose some skating music for her little skaters for an ice show and your music works wonderful. The little boys will skate to Elvis, Blue Christmas and perhaps some Hawaiin Shirts for a Beach Boys number and finally her third group will finish things off with Sleigh Ride and carry little bells. You always seem to have the right answers, don't you. Thanks!!!!

Pokey said...

What precious snowflakes these are. I think you did well to finish all the detail in an hour!