Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pictures from Africa

Here are Hannah and Molly in Africa together.  Heavens, who would have thought those little girls would have ever been any place like that!  In this photo, they are at Victoria Falls in Livingstone.   Molly was there for two weeks and spent Thanksgiving with Hannah and her fellow PCV's.  Also, there is a new post up on Hannah's blog telling about the things they did while together. 

They took a guided tour and saw animals.  Some of them were pretty close.  Hannah talks about it in her post.

Pretty picture - looks almost like a painting.
With their guide and a rhino in the background.  Hannah is basically on her way home now - will be here in three weeks.  She will be doing some sightseeing with friends before catching the plane for home.  It is going to be so good to see her!!!!!!

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Leslie said...

I am excited for your family and the holidays. Shopped with Elle on Michigan ave all day while the boys went t the north western vs msu football
Game. We will leave for home in an hour. Cleaned and cooked for my boy. So all is good,