Monday, November 21, 2011

A Trip to Joann's

 Paid a visit to Joann's yesterday afternoon with coupons, of course, and found things I could purchase with them.  Lots of the time you cannot as what you are looking for is usually on sale.  Found this book "The Flirty '30''s" and it's a cute one - right up my alley.  Also bought some tea towels for applique or embroidery and a ball of Sugar and Cream. 

A year or two ago, Leslie game me a knitted dish cloth and I really like it. Can't knit, but can crochet and that's what I am doing - isn't that neat yarn? It's a mindless pattern and goes quickly. Love the scrumptious colors.

A  page from the book - very cute applique pattern and
two more nice patterns.  Don't know when I think I will get all this done, but just love having it around.

And a note about my two granddaughters in Africa.   My daughter talked to them yesterday and they are having a great time.  They went back to Hannah's site a day or so ago, and Molly said everyone was waiting for them.  Molly told her mom they all love Hannah and she doesn't have to worry about Hannah - she's "sassy" and knows how to negotiate to get what she wants!  What an impact this time in the Peace Corps will have on the rest of her life.  It is very, very hot and Molly is not used to that, but is having a wonderful time anyway.  Actually, they will be spending Thanksgiving with a big group of PC volunteers and then Molly will be on her way home day after.  Hannah will be doing some more traveling and will be basically on her way home for Christmas.  School has been out there for a time now.   Am so anxious to see her and hear all her stories!  We also skyped with Norah in Denver and got to look at Henry.  My, he is growing and changing and adorable.   And to top it all off, Barclay cooked steaks, Sherry made the great spinach salad and baked potatoes, and pumpkin bread.  My private 5-star restaurant!!  (Click to enlarge)


Sue said...

I do love when I can use Joann's coupons for something that isn't on sale too and you've made some great purchases. I have that book and it's just wonderful.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Leslie said...

Oh your dinner sounds wonderful. I am glad that the girls are having fun. What a wonderful experience and a super husband Molly has to let her enjoy her sister alone. What a guy. Elle has a book for you for crochet dish clothes and I have a suprise to show you. My brother in law brought me a surprise gift yesterday evening. You will just be as much in aw as I was when you see it. Off to Chicago to see my oldest baby at law school for Thanksgiving on Wed. I really am excited to be with him!!! Bringing dinner for all 5 of us, he probably will have some friends that won't be going home joining us, I am sure. So I will make extras, for hungry boys. lol

Karen said...

Looks like a good book and I love the Sugar and Cream yarn!