Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visiting Africa

This is Jolly Boys Packpackers in Zambia where my two youngest granddaughters are now staying.  Molly had a long flight from Portland - she left Friday evening-and she arrived this morning for a two week stay in Africa with Hannah.  Hannah had gone to Zambia and was able to go on the bus from Jolly Boys to meet Molly's flight so the two sisters are now together for a two week adventure.  How great is that? 

 They will see Victoria Falls and I know they have made other plans for this wonderful experience.  The technology today is incredible - Sherry has talked to them already.   It will be exciting to hear what they do.  They will eventually make their way back to Hannah's site and meet her students and coworkers.  Then about the middle of  December, Hannah will be coming home for a visit over Christmas and her first visit with her new little nephew, Henry.  Exciting times.    

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Leslie said...

What nice things happening with you and your family. It will be a very special Holiday Season for you all.