Thursday, December 15, 2011

Long Ago Christmas

Probably taken in 1980 or 81, the bed in my sewing room holds things I made that year.  It was the year of the braided stuffed coil wreaths, my needlepoint angel (there were three of those) the stuffed Christmas tree and 2 spoondoll wreaths.  I know not where most of that has gone but I do have the angel.  There is also a glimpse of some of the many needlepoint pillows that were piled on that bed.
Here are Mr. and Mrs. Claus sitting on the mantel in our home in Overland Park.  I think I showed these last year, too.  A favorite of mine, I also made a pair for Sherry and for Ann.  They sit in front of the sampler dated 1843 made by my husband's great grandmother, Mary Anne Wiley, when she was 10 years old.  It's precious.
I made a lot of spoon dolls and used them on a swag between the living room and dining room.  This one went into a wreath.  Wonder where that went?  Don't these all look vintage? 
Here is our little Christmas room.  Ray and I worked with miniatures a lot and had three dollhouses one of which was in an old tv or stereo cabinet.  He made this little box room - probably about 12".  Some of the little toys were purchased but he made the rocker and table.  I crocheted the rug and made the curtains and lace tablecloth (a circle from a lace doilie).  Sherry still puts this out for Christmas.
And here is vintage me.  Those were the days of hanging plants and I had a lot of them all hanging in macrame hangers that I tied.  Fun to look back on past Christmases.


Karen said...

A fun post and I love the vintage Carol!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I rememeber lot's of these...looks like projects I made in the past too!

Cute post, Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

I love Vintage Carol, only you my dear friend. lol

Jewels said...

Your still looking sassy after all those years Carol! Hope you had fun Tuesday night. Funny looking at those crafts - they really date themselves...and love the miniature doll house scene! J

June said...

I just love all these! I also made one of the wreathes shown at the back on the bed - a fairly wide tube gathered over a poly wreath - mine got broken so I rescued the fabric. I put a link to your blog when I showed a photo on mine of the plaited wreath. And the macrame hanging pot plant holders! wow! complete with chunky beads - just love the vintage you!!

Regards, June in New Zealand

Norah said...

Aw, Christmas room. Can't wait to see it in a week!!


Sherry said...

The Christmas room, Mr. and Mrs. Santa, and the tree top angel are all waiting for Hannah and a new baby and his parents to come home to celebrate. Thanks, Mom, for making Christmas always so special for us!