Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decking the Halls

Here is one of the first Christmas things I made after I started quilting.  This is probably from the late 70's or early 80's.  Again, it shows the choice of fabric that you found back then.   This doesn't hang on my fireplace, but I just wanted to get a good picture of it.  I also had a big wreath I made by stuffing long tubes of fabric and twisting them together.  Can any of you remember those?  No idea of what I did with that one. 
This is a vintage wreath that was in my mother-in-law's things.  I'm pretty sure it isn't aluminum but could be wrong on that.  There used to be something we called "tinfoil" but it's been so long ago.  Anyway, no matter what it is, it's rather a pretty little thing.  As you can see, I have been putting out some Christmas in my house and have a pretty good little mess going which needs to be cleaned up.  Just needed to sit down and take a break so thought I would do a post.  This morning I did some shopping on line -  so some things are taken care of.   Time to get back to the job at hand.  Have a good weekend!!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Calico's are coming back again strong--- so hang onto the wreaths! I made one of them too--in the 70's.

Thanks for sharing a come back look.

Carolyn :)

June said...

Yes Carol, I for one remember the tubes we filled with stuffing and twisted together, and the fabrics I used are similar to the ones in your first wreath - we are from the same generation! When my granddaughters come round next week they will get the decorations down from the attic so I shall post a photo on my blog. Isn't it great to have such a amazing hobby to share. All the best, June in New Zealand

Molly said...

I can imagine your Christmas house :) I will miss it this Christmas! Our house is looking nice and Christmasey too.

Karen said...

Two great wreaths Carol! Isn't on-line Christmas shopping fun?