Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Good Giggle

I found this on Pinterest and it made me laugh out loud, really!  Potty humor, I know, but so darned cute to see a Christmas elf fishing for "goldfish" in pretty blue water.  I have a couple of little vintage elves but they are dressed in green.  I don't plan to set up a little still life in my bathroom, however.  Such a clean, sparkly bathroom! 

Hope you get a giggle, too!  Giggles are good for us.


Janet said...

Thanks for the giggle, Carol! You are right that "potty" is clean.

Leslie said...

oh gosh that is funny!! I think that I will skip the bathroom decorating this year also. Leif has the green elf and his sister has the red elf. They must be 45 years old or so and tattered as it is we still have to put his elf on the tree each year.

carol fun said...

too funny! it cracks me up!