Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm not doing much in the way of working on projects as we count down the last few days until Christmas.  My cards are done and ready to go into the mail tomorrow.  Still to come are some things that I ordered - however it would not be catastrophic if they didn't arrive in time.   This afternoon I had a super nap and I have become very proficient in that department.   Seems like I just don't get done in a day anywhere near what I used to accomplish.   I think anymore I try to operate with the idea that if something doesn't get done it really doesn't matter, and I think I am really getting the hang of that. 

Now as to the darling little fishy purse........something I spotted on Pinterest.  I spend a bit of time there (tsk, tsk) looking at all the wonderful eye candy and especially at things I would love making but probably won't make many of them.  There is a tutorial for the purse at

in case you would like to take a look.  A little girl would love this purse - so would a  big girl!

I thought this was a darling little cluster of patchwork trees.  Certainly would look right at home on a quilter's mantel or table.  There's a tutorial for this one, also -
I see something like this and immediately would love to make a bunch of them.  Wonder when I will get over wanting to do everything I see? 

Another one that will use up a bit of your stash - fabric strips and clothesline. 

Just a little sample of what is on Pinterest.  Any interest you have in anything is represented there.  Lots of fun - and also a lot of good recipes!    If you haven't been there, here is a link to my boards  See what you think.


Leslie said...

Cool stuff Carol. I am so happy that Hannah is home and that your holidays will be exciting. I will bet you can't wait to hold that baby either. Joy, Joy!!

carol fun said...

Oh Carol - I love Pinterest too! I save a ton of things I want to do some day on a board I call - "stuff to make" - clever huh? LOL

And yes I want to make it all. Now I just need to find some 48 hour days. I'll be following you - heading over there now.

Have a great week -