Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Really Bad Poem

Twas a while before Christmas
And here in my kitchen
I was starting to bake and excited and itchin'
To make good stuff for my family
As I did in the past
Always at ease and reasonably fast.

No. 1:  Ranger cookies started out strong
The first snag I hit didn't take long.
No Wheaties even though  on
   my list in plain sight
I certainly did not read the list right.

So, woe is me, off I go to the store
Got the Wheaties, brown sugar and a
few items more.
But I still had another snag pop  right up
When I opened the oatmeal to measure a cup.
The date on the box, check it I did
But I really, really should have opened the lid!
Teensie brown buggies resided inside
They scurried around trying to hide.
Into the garbage the icky thing did go
So what now?   Another trip to the sto'?
I looked in my pantry and what did I see?
Some "Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal"
   staring at me
It was not "outdated" and all sealed up tight.
I opened a packet and it was alright.
By sifting the contents the maple sugar was gone
And there was the oatmeal all on its own.
So I finished the dough and it waits where it's cool
For baking tomorrow in time for the Yule.

No. 2:  Yummy Peanut ButterFudge is done
and  came out pretty well
Got hung up on amounts of pb and marshmall
Ow-- a tiny bit grainy but good just the same
You win some, you lose some
That's part of the game

No. 3:  Nutty O's are all done and cooling
Made of low caloried Cheerios - who am I fooling?
The butter, brown sugar and syrup make them yummy
But they do have a tendency to fluff up your tummy.

Tomorrow I'll bake the cookies and I will be lovin'
The wonderful smell that comes from my oven.
I have at least one more thing I am planning on making
And after that, that's it for the baking.

I think.
(In the picture of me at the top of this post, I am wearing an apron that Sherry made for me many moons ago somewhere in the late 70's or early 80's.  And  she embroidered the initials.  She did beautiful counted crossstitch, too, before it became so popular.  I always feel so dopey taking a picture of myself!  One more little bit of information, the pages with the recipes are from a cookbook I did with lots of my recipes from over the years.  It was done in 1996 when we got the computer.  I made it for the girls and Sherry and Ann each have one, also.  One went to my dear sister and I think her granddaughter has it now and I have one.  I loved doing that and they are used.)  


West Michigan Quilter said...

Loved your poem. I could relate! Great picture of you too!

Norah said...

LOVE IT!!! And I am so excited to help eat all the goodies very soon! And to see cute little you!!


Molly said...

Love it too!!! I wish I could eat those yummies but did some baking of my own yesterday and today. Love you!!!

Jewels said...

LOL Carol (though I HATE opening things in the pantry and find bugs!) Everything looks wonderful and thats a pretty good pic too! J

Leslie said...

Oh so funny, Elle stills says "you would have been great in college". Glad your cooking and baking went well. Here's hoping you don't hit a hot oven rack tomorrow on cookie day. lol

Karen said...

Loved the poem and look at you, so cute in your apron! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Sherry said...

My gosh you can certainly pull it together when the spirit of Christmas knocks on the door! You have always been a Christmas Carol!