Saturday, December 17, 2011

She's Home Safe and Sound

Home from Mozambique!!  Tonight Sherry and Barclay drove to Detroit to pick Hannah up for her stay at home.  They stopped by my house and were here for a few minutes.  Oh, my, how good it is to see that sweet girl again and  she looks wonderful.  It's late, so they didn't stay long but I will see her tomorrow and look forward to hearing her stories of her experiences in the Peace Corps.   This picture is Hannah at six or so wearing a dress that I made Sherry lots of years ago.   Where has the time gone?

Another Christmas, another sweet granddaughter.  Here is Molly all dressed for dinner.  They had come from Michigan to Illinois for Christmas and everyone was dressed very casually as most families are.  Before dinner, Molly went in and dressed up in her pretty dress and red shoes.  One of my favorite memories.
Yet another Christmas, even longer ago and the first sweet granddaughter.  The kids went on a trip to Colorado while we were still living in Kansas and we had Norah and so thoroughly enjoyed Norah sitting.  The little table and chairs that were Sherry's was in the family room for her to play with.  There was a candy tin full of old jewelry that the girls all played with over the years.  Such sweet times.

I have so very much to be thankful for.


Sherry said...

What a nice new memory - gram in the open door waiting for the first hug from Hannah! The joys of the holiday have officially begun!

Jewels said...

Oh Carol how exciting for all of you - what a wonderful Christmas "present" to - have fun catching up...J