Saturday, December 22, 2012

Off to Portland in the Morning

I did make some of the little snowmen from stockings and rice.  They actually went together easily, but I stopped with these five little fellows.  I gave Sherry the little guy in the argyle and the one with the Christmas stripe.  She said she will keep the first one out all winter in her room at school - the little kids she works with will like him, I'm sure.  Two more went as gifts and the second little fellow from the left  is on my mantel.  They are kind of heavy with the rice as filling so would not be good to mail many of them.  Also probably a good idea to keep away from water!!

I am packed - and will be ready for Sherry and Barc to pick me up at 9:00 in the morning for our drive to Chicago to catch a flight to Portland tomorrow afternoon.  It will be a long day, but I'm so looking forward to meeting sweet little Annie for the first time and having Hannah back with us again!   I wish Norah, Chad and Henry could be there, but we will do some super skyping with them!!   Bill and Ann are on there way out there right now. 

So I send all of my blogging friends my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you get to spend good time with family and friends and have lots of fun and good food.  See you in a week.   

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Ft. Madison

Our little house in Ft. Madison, Iowa, where we lived for approximately five years - our initial move down the line for the Santa Fe.  The entire office was moved from Illinois as was the office in Marceline, Missouri, and lots of us moved into the same subdivision.  With each house, you got the big lighted candle to use at Christmas.  Very pretty along with the other decorations in the neighborhood.  

I had a lot of plastic snowflakes that I used to decorate the picture window.  Must have used some sort of tape to make the panes.  I have always loved decorating and making things for Christmas. 
Sherry, Bill and I decorating the tree - our angel that lit up on the top.  Leslie, I see we have a box of "Shiney Brite" ornaments there!  The kids are very intent on getting the tree up.
We had a second tree in the basement.  One of my favorite memories is when Bill so enthusiastically said as he as putting on the ornaments and tinsel - "This is togetherness!!"  
Two big grins from the kids.  Probably we were ready to go to the Sunday School program.  Note another of my creations - the felt nativity scene that I made from something in a magazine.  Hard to believe this was somewhere around 50 years ago.
I love this picture of Sherry - her hair probably is up in curlers and she has her little net cap on.  Oh, my, her mother is a victim of the days of Shirley Temple curls who has always thought - and still kind of does - that girls ought to have curly hair!  Bill is evidently pleased with his gifts.  I note that he has a car carrier off to the right of the picture.  Sweet days and sweet memories.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sitting on Santa's Lap

This little sweetheart must have inherited a gene from his mommy - the "I just don't like Santa Claus!" gene.  Norah never did ever sit on Santa's lap - and she didn't think much of the big Easter Bunnies at the mall, either.  Is this not an adorable picture?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

One More Christmas Stocking

Annie has to have a stocking, too!  So this is what I made for her first Christmas.   Decided she most likely doesn't follow her great grandma's blog yet so it will be safe to post a picture of it.  The top is pinned awaiting to have the hem turned under and a tab added.  These fabrics are ones from her little quilt, and I found the cute little baby girl on the internet someplace.
I had planned on doing a cluster of french knots on the little bootie but got ahead of myself.   Just happened to find the small flower button that has a hole through the side so I could sew that on from the top.  Not exactly what I wanted but it covers the little black circle where the knots would have gone.  I don't think Annie will care.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Christmas Past

Christmas of 1956 - We were still in Chillicothe, Illinois, but we moved to Ft. Madison, Iowa, in Janary of 1957.   That was the first of four transfers along the Santa Fe line over the years until Ray's retirement.  Billy was just 3 and Sherry 5 1/2.   That was the year Tiny Tears came to live with us and Sherry looks very pleased to have her!  Tiny and her clothes are around someplace still, but poor little think is pretty much cracked and brittle after all these years. It looks like Bill had a Mickey Mouse guitar.  He loved music and had and still has great rythym.   A set of drums would come in his junior high days.  The little guy sitting with the kids is Danny, my sister's oldest boy, who is a year younger.  This was evidently taken after Christmas at our house.  We had moved to a little house across from the high school in Chilli.  Weren't television sets different back then?  That one was on a swivel table so you could get to the back of it.  Had to watch William as he loved to swivel it!
This picture was taken maybe on Christmas Eve at my sister's home.  (We had similar drapes!)  Jo, my sis, Danny, her little guy, and Ray are in the picture.  The play rifle Bill has (isn't he adorable?) has a story to it.  After he had opened it, my dad was going to show Billy how to cock a gun by laying it on your knee and pushing down hard on the end.  The gun was not jointed and it broke right in half.  My poor father was mortified.  He was a big, strong man and was just sick that that had happened.  He did take the gun home and glued it and it was as good as new.  I felt so bad for my father but it all turned out okay. 

Here are the four of us on the front stoop that last Christmas season in Chillicothe.   This photo would have made a good Christmas card.   Next time will show some Christmases in Iowa.   (Click pictures to enlarge)

Looking back at these old photos of the lovely years with our children and the simpler more gentle time those days were,  I have a heavy heart thinking about the horrendous event yesterday in Connecticutt.  I sat most of the afternoon watching the tv in disbelief.  It is unthinkable that parents cannot send their children to school without fear of something as horrible as this happening to them.  One commentator asked "Is this our new norm?"  I pray it isn't and I hope that there can be something done to keep weapons out of the hands of those who would cause this sort of carnage.   This world has changed - and part of it is absolutely not for the good!  It is unacceptable!  May God bless all the families who were touched by this unthinkable happening.  I cannot imagine the depths of their sorrow. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmases Past

Of all the pictures I have here at my house from both sides of my family, this is the only one that shows anything Christmas before our daughter was born.  This is the living room of my mom's parents, Dan and Maggie Pearce, who I have posted so much about on my Pieces of the Past blog.  There is not a single of picture of Jo, Bud or me anywhere at Christmas time - as small children through early adulthood.  No photos of gifts being unwrapped, family gatherings, nothing.  I have pictures in my head and memories but nothing that I can scan and post.
I will start here - back in December of 1951 -  when Sherry, our little daughter, celebrated her first Christmas.   This would have been one of the first Christmas photos.  Ray and I were the very proud and happy parents of this darling little girl.   The little ragdoll in front of her stroller (what do you think of that conveyance, Norah and Molly?) was made for her by our next door neighbor, Mid.    By the way, we also had baby buggies back then.

Sherry sits in her little chair that swung back and forth.   The things they have for babies now are so different than they were back in the early 50's.  You might also be interested in those curtains at the windows - organdy ruffled curtains.  I think there were four pairs and I can remember starching and ironing them!!  Like a nightmare, ladies!  Ironing used to be one big job -  but then laundry was, also!

Back to Christmas, I thought it might be fun to post some old photos and fond memories during this beautiful season.  I have been working on things but not much to show at the moment so will take a trip down memory lane over the next few days as I have time.  As I get older, I don't get nearly as much done as I used to (you have heard that before) - have not decorated much for Christmas and probably won't.  We will all be going out to Portland to meet sweet little Annie - I see dimples on the little doll!- so I won't be here and am not planning on having
any parties.  I am truly fine with that, also, since it means I won't have to cart everything back to the basement.  Since I am an equal opportunity great-grandma and want to show a picture of that darling little dude, Henry - here he is in a sweet picture his mom took of him with Lacey watching for his daddy to come home.
I love the way Norah takes little videos and lots of pictures of Henry.  I have so many memories of my little kids that I wish I had videos of - or at least pictures. 
Will do another post in a couple of days!  Will move on to just before we moved away from our home town to Ft. Madison, Iowa, where our Christmas celebrations were with both kiddies, Sherry and Bill.   Hope you enjoy my little memories of times past.   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It's been a while since I have posted.  Even though I have been working on projects for Christmas, there has not been much to take photos of or post.  I think I have shown about everything I have in my little abode and at times it's hard to come up with something that I think anyone would be interested in.  After 4 plus years of blogging, I guess that would be kind of normal as I notice that some of the bloggers I have followed for years are letting longer periods of time go between postings.   So for today I am going to show you a couple of projects I saw on Pinterest that caught my eye and would be something I would do.  Especially the sock snowmen above!!  Cute, cute, cute.  I think I am going to find a couple pair of socks someplace and give those little fellows a try.  Below is the link with the tutorial on how to duplicate these cuties.

Aren't these cute?  Spools, beads, fabric or paper!  Another pretty little project for your tree.  Click on the link beneath the picture for the tutorial.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lots of Stockings

All ten are appliqued, sewn together and turned.  All that is missing now is a tab of some sort and some jingle bells.  I was not looking forward to the turning, but it went much easier than I thought it would.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Birthday Serenade from Mozambique

I know many of you have looked in on and read the blog that my youngest granddaughter, Hannah, has kept while in Mozambique for the last 27 months serving in the Peace Corps.  She is finishing her service right now and she and Ian, her boyfriend for most of the time she has been in Africa, are at the close of service meeting.  Right after that they will take a three week tour before coming home just  before Christmas.   One of the places they will go to is the base of Mt. Everest and watch the sun come up there.  I am so very proud of her - it was a huge commitment to spend the time there, but she did it well and is going to be missed by her students, fellow teachers and villagers.    How glad we will all be to see her again.

You know, too, that my middle granddaughter, Molly and her husband had their little baby on Thanksgiving.  Here is a video that Hannah and Ian made and put on Youtube as a Happy Birthday for Annie.  Thought you might like to share this!  In the foreground you can see their Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of chicken (which Ian defeathered and dressed - Hannah said it was an anorexic chicken!), mashed potatoes and cake.   Enjoy!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Little Annie

Could not decide on which picture to use, so used both.    Annie and her parents are all doing well although I am sure certainly exhausted but happy.   It has been a blessed Thanksgiving. 

A Special Thanksgiving Blessing

Such a beautiful reason to be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day.  Molly gave birth to little Annie this morning and Annie weighed in at 7 pounds and 4 ounces.   You will be seeing more pictures of this little one on my blog,  you can be sure.  I am so thankful and  happy that she is here and all is well.  What a lovely blessing any day but especially this day.   Congratulations to Molly and Doug on this little girl who will bring them so much joy.  My love goes out to all three of them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow

It's almost here - everyone is awaiting the big feast tomorrow.   We are also awaiting the arrival of the little baby girl in Portland and hoping she will decide to make her appearance very soon.  Molly did a post and has a picture that you can see by going to my sidebar and checking the list of blogs there.   Hoping and praying Annie will arrive soon.

I will be with Sherry and Barclay tomorrow - I have a pecan pie in the oven right now to take with me.
It's smelling mighty good.   In the morning I will put the pumpkin pie together and bake it so it will be fresh.  Cranberry sauce is cooling so my contribution to the dinner is taken care of.  Naturally, I will give Sherry a hand with the cooking at her house, also.    
Here's the finished pie - looks pretty darned good.   The only thing wrong is I don't make my own piecrust anymore.  Used to make really good crust! 
Have been doing a lot of crocheting in the evenings lately.  Here is part of a scarf that I did with some yarn I ordered that was on sale.  I think it is really pretty.  I have one more skein to go and it will be about 60 inches long.  Plan on sewing the ends together and making an infinity or circle scarf.  Have made about six other ones, too.  They go very fast.  The stockings are ready for the final steps so I am doing okay on that.  Did some online Christmas shopping yesterday - I had gone to Sit and Sew and no one was at Sit and Sew.  Called Kathy when I got home and the quilters were making preparations for the big day of feasting.  Always lots to do for the holiday.  So I spent some time online at Macy's and got part of my shopping done.  Then out to the mall to take a vest I had ordered back to CJ's.  Not as easy shopping as it used to be, but I manage to get it done.  Had to sit for a minute or two on one of the benches to get my speed back up.  Then on to Target where pushing the cart lets me go as long as I wish.  Finally, over to Kohl's  --  so for an old broad I did okay yesterday. 
I wish all of you a happy day tomorrow with lots of good food and fun with your family and friends.  Enjoy!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Waiting for Annie

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at a shower held for Molly and her little Annie in Portland.  There is the little dress that went along in the package.  Her sister-in-law, Christine,  hung the little garments on a clothesline - isn't that cute?  Molly is due this coming week and on everyone's mind.  As you can see, she is mostly baby and hasn't gained much weight anywhere else but in her tummy.   Hoping the baby comes this weekend - but the little ones come when they are ready.

I did get the soup made Wednesday and it was yummy.  Called Sherry to stop by and get some more as I really went overboard and got out my big old pan that I have used for years.  I have one more soup meal left - seems to get better as the flavors blend.  In case you would be interested, I will tell you how I make it.  No recipe - but don't think you can go wrong.  I use beef stew meat, some sliced onion, celery (like to put some of the leaves in, too) and canned tomatoes.  For a big pot, I put in two regular size cans of diced tomatoes.  Shredded cabbage (I do lots) is really good in it and  I use the fresh.  This, of course, is all in water.  Bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for an hour or two or three.  Then slice up some nice fresh carrots, chunk up some potatoes and add those.  I like my veggies chunky.  At times I have put in diced turnips, also.  Mom used to add barley.  Also, I add noodles - either frozen or nice sturdy ones - and frozen peas.  Simmer until done.  You will season to taste, also.  Good the first day but even better the next couple of days.  Make as much or as little as you like.  My sis and I both made soup this way - just like our Mom.  And Nan was a good cook!  If you try it, I hope you like it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Still Cutting Out After All The Years

Little did I know back when I was a little girl cutting out paper dolls every chance I got that I would spend lots of time in my later life cutting out fused fabric for applique.  Here is a basketful of scraps from the pieces needed for the stockings.  Those pieces have been fused now and are ready for the buttonhole stitch.  Doing the names will take some time as so many of the letters have little openings in the center - some of them two openings - and they are pretty small to stitch around plus it feels awkward just going around an inner curve.  However, it really should not take too long for each stocking.

 Toes and heels are all appliqued and everything is edge stitched.   So I'm making good progress.  The envelopes hold the pieces to finish each piece.   Doing all the stitching in gold thread and it's working well.   Now back to the machine for a spell and then have to get ready for a trip to Kroger.  Sherry mentioned that I have not made veggie soup in a while - so I think I will do that Wednesday.   Sounds good to me, also, and there are good leftovers.  I have her bring over a big pan and share with her.  Used to be able to find almost everything for making soup, etc., in my cupboards and fridge - but that's not the case anymore so hence the necessary jaunt to Kroger.  Besides, I am out of ice cream again!  That won't do.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Project for Christmas

A little hard to see, but the start of ten Christmas stockings for my family.  I found some double faced quilted fabric at Joann's the other day and it is perfect for this project.  This year names will be drawn for gifts - with the exception of the little babies - and Christmas will be spent in Portland.   I suggested a stocking for everyone so that each person can buy, make or pass on something for each person in lieu of larger gifts and the idea was received enthusiastically.  The stockings are in production now.  They will be simple and will be personalized with a name on each one. 


Here's a glimpse of what I have planned out.  I made one yesterday and it turned out okay.   I have everything traced on fusible web ready to be ironed to the fabric and cut out.  Will do this on an assembly line basis.

A while ago when I was finishing the edges of the stocking faces with a nice stitch I have on my machine, all of a sudden my machine would not move forward!  Panic! I checked all the buttons to see if I had somehow or other pushed a wrong one.  It  was as if the feed dogs were down but they were not.  Took the plate covering the bobbinworks off and there was what I thought was the reason - lint under the feed dogs!  Lots of it!  I must say I am usually so good about checking and cleaning that quite often and have never ever had a problem.  So, out comes the little brush and I cleaned away all that bad stuff, reassembled everything and figured I had it cured.  It was not.  Still would not go forward!  So I took the soleplate off again, fiddled around again - don't know exactly what I did - put it all back together.  Guess what, it worked!  Sigh of relief!   I don't think, though, that it will be too long until I will maybe have to buy a new machine.  This old friend of mine is 24 years old and has been just a stellar companion and served me well.  I will never get rid of it.  There are two things I would replace if they go bad and that is my sewing machine and my computer--I love the time I spend with them. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kind of a Lost Day

Here are two scarves that I crocheted in the last week or so.  Very,  very simple - in fact not really a pattern.  I just did a basic chain then a double crochet, sp, dc, etc., then turn and keep going until they were long enough.  The multi-blue is for Sherry and the other for me.  Still need to even up the fringe.  Sherry picked out her yarn the other night at Michael's to go with a winter jacket she has.

This one is done with two different skeins of yarn - a black with just a bit of a speck in it and a skinny little multi-colored yarn which I think is for making socks.  It worked up differently than I anticipated, but I like it anyway.   Made me think of the Christmas that I made probably two or three dozen scarves - lots of them in the eyelash yarn.  They work up quickly.  Guess they are still in fashion - I am not up on things very well.

Today was pretty much a lost day for me.  Every since I had my knee replaced 8 years ago, I have to take 4 big old capsules of amoxicillin an hour before my dental appointment.  So yesterday was my six month checkup and I took the damned stuff.   It usually bothers me some, but it really did a number on me today.  It has quieted way down now and I think I'm back to normal.  Will have to see if there is some other medication you can take that doesn't hit so hard. Thank goodness it's only twice a year.

Have a great rest of the weekend!  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Funoldhag!   Here are a few fun pictures that are appropos for this spooky day and evening.

Spooky quilted items for this day.   These are all on my Pinterest board for Halloween.

Two scarey pictures!
And the last one - a really scarey picture!! 

On a serious note,  I know the whole country is thinking of and praying for the millions of people who have been affected by the monster storm that devastated the east coast.   So hard to fathom the extent of loss - lives, homes, businesses - that has occurred.  God be with them all. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Ready to Send Off the Little Quilt

The little jungle quilt is all done including the label and is ready to be laundered and sent on it's way to Portland, Oregon, to await the arrival of it's new little owner.   As I was getting the label ready,  I thought of an adorable little dress that I bought for Norah the day she was born.  I remember the price I paid for it so vividly because it was very expensive for a baby dress 35 years ago.   Ray and I went shopping for something to take to Lawrence when we went to see our new little granddaughter later that day.   I spotted this at one of the department stores in the mall -
I thought it was just the prettiest little thing I had ever seen - and it was $18.00.  But we bought it!  All three of the granddaughters have worn it -
and here is Hannah wearing the little pink confection.  I think multiple dollies have worn it also over the years.  So it will go along in the box for Annie to wear and for Molly to save for the next little girl born to either her or one of her sisters. 

When I asked Sherry if she knew where the little dress was, she said it was in the attic.  Yesterday, she looked in their attic and found it and some other things to send to Molly, washed them up and brought them over last evening.   She found this darling pair of coveralls--

that was appliqued and embroidered by a dear high school days friend, Gail.  She embroidered a little rose after Molly - Molly Rose.
Also going along for the ride are a little knit jacket, cap and a hand embroidered undershirt.  The dolly is from a neighbor of mine who has since moved away.  Jane knitted a little jacket and cap for Henry but with her moving preparations didn't have time to do that for Annie.  She had a large doll collection so brought over this sweet little collectible doll that could be a sweet little decoration on a shelf in Annie's room.   The package will also have a little zippered comforter and the front pack that Sherry had for Hannah. 

We also skyped with Henry and his mom and dad.  What a busy, busy little fellow who has now found his hair and his belly button.  So fun to watch him - perpetual motion.  He will be Charlie Brown for Halloween -

Here's Charlie!   They were getting ready to carve pumpkins for the holiday.  Going to be here very soon!!