Monday, January 30, 2012

Readied Two Hangings for Quilting

I actually got two wallhangings  sandwiched for quilting a little while ago.  Now I can take the cover off my Bernina and do some machine quilting. 
The all over flower pattern will go on my dining room table.  That was a pattern I had taken out of a magazine a long time ago and I am pretty happy with it.  I think it will quilt up nicely.   Would look great in batiks, also, or 30's-40's reproduction fabric.
I like my little girls - they were fun to embroider.  Found the line drawings on the web.  Have no idea what you would ever do with it but that is the way with so many of the wallhangings we make.  Fun to do and pretty to look at but no place to hang.  Guess we need some long white halls to display all our pretties.  It's such fun to try different colors and techniques. 

Almost finished!!  just have to do the single crochets in the chain spaces around the edge.  One side done and another side partway!  Attagirl, Carol!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this afternoon this herd of turkeys had a meeting around the tree in the front yard.  Six of them have been casing the neighborhood everyday.  Such funny birds.  They look for seeds that people have out for the birds.  Don't know what they were finding right here, though.  They were hanging around for quite a while. 

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Julie came over for a visit.  Julie is making just wonderful ATC's, journals, and other altered art.  She brought along some of the things she has made lately and some that she has received from some of the ladies she trades art with.   She has her pretty pieces posted on her blog but it so much fun to hold them and look at them closely.  Julie has found her niche!  Later Sherry came and got me and I went home with her for a steak and shrimp (on the grill) dinner.  Was that ever good - it hit the spot!   That was just the 4th time I have been out since the 6th.  However, I am doing okay in that department since I don't have any trouble finding things to do.  

I keep my cellphone close.  Figure it's a good idea to have it at hand especially if I go to the basement.  So in my pocket it goes.  However, I have a couple of pair of pants that don't have pockets - what to do.  How about a sock - pinned to my waistband with a safety pin.  Works like a charm.  I was telling Molly about it when she called and told her I would have to patent the idea.  Molly said I could call it a stocket!  That's your chuckle for today.


Jewels said...

Carol - using my new laptop to comment! Wahoo. Thanks for the kind comments. Love the ladies you have embrodiered. Stocket - how funny! Talk to you again soon. J

Leslie said...

Stocket, thats funny. When Elle and I came over to bring you your bag of goodies we also found the turkeys in your yard. They just stood there when I went to your door. I ran like heck when I found you not home. They are strange birds, aren't they. Dinner at your daughters sounds wonderful. I could always get you a phone clip for your waistband if your stocket stops working. I do own a verizon cell phone store. lol Off to Detroit tomorrow.

Pokey said...

Boy, it is tough being tethered to the oxygen tank, huh? you have a great attitude. Its a blessing to read of friends and family visiting. Keep creating, Carol, it helps keep your spirits high!
hugs, pokey

Karen said...

Stocket, love it! The afghan edge is looking good, so pretty. And, two of my favourite quilts, the flowers will look lovely on the table.