Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Far, So Good

I should have posted yesterday - don't know why I didn't.  My trip to the doctor showed the tests I have had already are not showing anything to cause much concern.  They are going to do two more tests in early February so we'll see what they show.  Then on to the doctor for a look at my lungs.  In the meantime, I am feeling well and, although not quilting, I have been working on the zigzag granny afghan and joining the blocks of -
there are two rows left to get together - one of them just has one block to join to the row and the other needs all five joined.  I also have two sets of two long rows joined and when it is entirely in one piece, I will crochet an edging in white.   I have some yarn coming from for the zigzag granny.  It is for sure if I have to be more homebound, I have plenty of things I can do that I enjoy.  There are several wallhangings just waiting for backing and batting and quilting.
Isn't this machine cute?  Three guesses where I found it - on Pinterest, of course.   It's from a website  Looks like a great site.

Two closer views of the piece - could give you good ideas.

And, for you who are following Hannah's blog and if you haven't already found it, there is a very nice new post.   


Leslie said...

Oh boy, I know you, hooking those together is not fun for you. But the edge of while will finish it up easier. Elle is with you from now on one piece crochet projects. She made a cute scarf yesterday that she saw on pinterest. You two.

Karen said...

That is a cute machine cover. I wonder if it was on my machine, if I would use it more often! LOL. Glad to hear, so far so good with the doctor and I am just loving the granny squares and can picture a nice white edge.

Anonymous said...

sending you good thoughts and well wishes.

Pokey said...

I'm hoping you have continued good health, Carol, in the days to come. Oh, and I went and read Hannah's post, it's delightful to see her growing in understanding of the people she feels called to work with. Our nephew and family are missionaries to Africa, and to help people, you must first be friendly and also let them see you as a friend. I know Hannah's post bless your spirit!