Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some Pretties from Pinterest

Still feeling good - and anxious to see the cardiologist on Monday to see how things are progressing.   Have to watch which way I go wearing this tube or I can get tied in knots.  Actually, it's not that bad and there are things that could be much worse.  I haven't used the little portable tank I have yet.  The weather has been really cold and we've had snow.  I probably wouldn't be going out much when it's like this anyway.  I also have not been quilting like I thought I would but I'm sure that will change.  The afghan is coming along - 
Earlier in the week it was at this stage.  Now--

A few more rows of color.  I sent an order for more yarn and it should be here Monday.  So cool to be able to shop without braving the elements!  The internet is wonderful - there is so much to see and do.  And I have been spending time on Pinterest.  I am seeing lots of people I know on it.  So much to see - so many ideas - everything under the sun.  Here is an idea I found that you might like--

Aren't these just wonderful?  If you have some vintage needlework that is in very shabby condition, part could be salvaged in this very sweet and clever way.   
Some lovely vintage items--those always get my eye. 
How about these beautiful pillowcases edged in crochet?  Absolutely gorgeous.

Thinking about all the girls at the retreat this weekend - those are always so much fun.  Enjoy!


Leslie said...

As you can imagine we were all missing you there this weekend. I need to go to bed early tonight, I think I am tired of laughing.

Pokey said...

I hope you get some answers regarding your health, dear Carol. Your afghan stitching is pretty as all your creations are ~

Karen said...

Look at you go with that beautiful afghan Carol!

Jewels said...

Glad to see you still doing great stuff. Sorry you can't post on my blog! A few of us have had problems the last few weeks. I changed to Google Chrome which may be causing the problem. Are you logged in all the time? You might want to log out and then log in and then try leaving a comment - that worked for Leslie...will call you soon.