Monday, February 27, 2012

Ready to Quilt

The back for the little snowball star is all pieced, appliqued and the quilt sandwich made and pinned ready for quilting. 

I think it turned out nicely and I am really pleased with the front of the quilt.  Getting the rows all sewn together and the top pressed makes such a difference.  Now to decide on how to quilt it.  I am thinking I will probably won't try anything too complex.  It's such a simple, sweet little quilt that I think I will keep the quilting simple also. 

The other day when I did a post on some of my older books, I also took a picture of this one by Dolores A. Hinson.  I have two other ones that she wrote, too, which are some of the first books I ever purchased.  All of these books have been well used over the many years since I caught the quilting bug.  This one has many sunbonnet babies. 
Here is the pattern for one and the pattern pieces.
Back in the 80's, I used this pattern on a sweatshirt for myself.  My husband and I did lots of fishing so I always kind of thought of this one as Fisher Girl.  I have a soft spot for sunbonnet girls.  Later I will show you a quilt that I have put away that will one day be there for another great grandchild.

Speaking of great grandchildren, last night I went over for dinner with Sherry and Barclay.  After we had eaten, we had a Skype session with Norah, Chad and Henry. 
Henry was such fun!! It is almost as good as being there. What a wonderful after dinner show!! He is soooooo cute!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stupid Quilter Tricks

 First I quilted this quilt block I made a long, long time ago (there are quite a few of them that I had for a project that never got finished) figuring the blocks would make good mug rugs which seem to be kind of in right now. 
Then I quilted another one and decided I would make continuous binding instead of the four separate pieces I usually do.  These are only about 8 inches square so that's a lot of fiddling with the corners for something small.  Went on line and looked on Youtube and found a great video from Keepsake Quilting telling me exactly what to do.  Don't know why I have never really taken to this method.  She even had a great joining for the finish.  So, I did the first one - a little fiddley but finished it and thought it would be just fine.  The second one went much smoother and I was giving myself a big pat on the back until----
What's wrong with this picture?  The first one has the binding sewn on the back for turning to the front!!  The second one is right.   One thing for sure, stupid tricks like this keep a person humble!  I will continue to finish the first one in its backward state.  At least I think the quilting looks pretty good on it.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Quilt Books

Like most quilters who have been doing this for many years, I have a lot of books in my quilting library.  Many of them are from the 80's and 90's and even a few that are older or reproductions of earlier books. The three above by Jan Halgrimson are late in that category.  100 Applique Patterns has served me well and many of the patterns are in some of my older quilts.
These were used in the days before we had pc's, scanners and printers that enable us to make patterns any size we wish without drawing the one inch grid to try and duplicate a pattern done on a smaller grid.  Doable but not fun nor accurate.  If I recall correctly, these blocks fit on a 15" block.
Here is a sample from Great Scrapbag Quilts.  Again, the same era and before the days of rotary cutters, mats and expensive but wonderful rulers.  This one was not well used by me, but I do like it and there are some great quilt blocks to choose from.
Here are two of the pages from Tiny Treasures which I tore out (and kept them with the book - a bad habit of mine) in later years and scanned or copied them to make larger.   The blocks in this book are for miniature quilts. 

Here is Fall into Winter from Red Wagon (Jerry Kimmel, Jan Patek and Linda Brannock) from Liberty, Missouri.  I have six of their books, the earliest 1989.  Done in primitive style,  there are some really great patterns in them.  I will do a post on Red Wagon later on if you enjoy this sort of thing.
I am thinking I might do one of these two cute train patterns to put back just in case there would be another little great grandson in the future.  I already have several put away.   I had completely forgotten about these when I did the little train quilt for Henry. I just love that little quilt, though.
I am pretty sure the little sweetie loves his quilt, also!
Look who has new new teeth!!!!!!  Growing so fast!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Progress

The little quilttop is all pieced together now and the next step is the backing.  Yesterday afternoon I cut some 6 inch wide pieces in varying lengths and put them up on the wall in the basement.    From there,  I have sewn the pieces together to form rows and they are now lying on the bed in my sewing room.  In the picture there is one row that is just one piece.   I have a plan for that one. 

I found this cute alphabet on line and saved it in case I ever needed it.  I need it.  The little baby girl's name is Reese Tulip (her mommy's maiden name is Latulip) and what I am going to do is applique her name on the plain strip in the center of the back - REESE - followed by an appliqued tulip.  Each letter, of course, will be a different print and the tulip will consist of at least four different fabrics.  I think I will piece the binding, also.   Will post a picture of the backing when I have it in one piece.

Feel free to right click and save as on the alphabet if you think you might want to use the letters someplace.  They are actually pretty simple to applique, I think.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snowball Star

I have the idividual rows sewn together now and am ready to get it together as a whole. 

As I pressed the rows and put them up on the flannel wall in the basement, I could see that there was something wrong on one of them.  This is it.  I must have cut the top left block about 1/4 inch too short.  So will be doing some unsewing and putting in a new block which is no big deal.  Piecing is not my strong shot - I do a lot of fudging.   Don't know if it's the way I do my cutting or the actual sewing.  I have two different quarter seam feet for my machine but still a long way from perfection.   However, unless examined too closely,  things usually turn out okay.

After transferring the pictures from my camera to my computer, I saw that one plain block was upside down.  I had thought that that might happen but didn't notice.  It really showed up in the photos. So that unsewing has already been done.
I plan to piece a backing from the same prints.   I don't think I captured the same blended look in the original, but I am happy with it regardless.  The original one has pieces that are smaller and prints that are mainly larger.   This has been a fun little top to do and I'm sure the little sweetie it is for will like it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The News is Not That Bad

I saw the doctor yesterday and  I do have a lung problem and have been given prescriptions for some inhalers for treatment.   Will continue using the oxygen - and will now start using the smaller portable one as it's okay to drive.  I will be able to go feel the fabric at the quilt shops, go to sit and sew, and pick up my own groceries.    Sherry has been meeting all my needs (except I don't think she went and felt the fabric!!) so now she can have back the time she spent running around for mom even though I know she did it with so much love.  I do have to have two more tests next week and she will take me for those. 

I have been so blessed with my health over the many years that I have been on this earth, and, although the oxygen is a bit cumbersome, there are so many things that could be so much worse so I have no complaints.  This most likely comes from the many years I smoked - have not smoked for 20 years - and I guess I'm lucky it didn't show up before.  Anyway, all's well!  Thank you so much for your concern, my friends. 

Back to the inhalers - I had been shown how to use them and had the general idea but was not really sure I would do it right.  Light bulb moment - surely there are videos on youtube showing the procedure.  Of course - there were several.  I don't think there is anything you can think of that you can't find the answer to with a little searching. 

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowball Star

Love, love, love this quilt!  Found it while I was fooling around on Pinterest,  and I adore the way the prints work with each other.   The 20 and 30's reproduction fabrics are favorites of mine (along with about everything else in the way of fabric) and I have a lot of it in my stash.  This has been on my mind so the other day I cut a few pieces and started doing some sewing. 
Using 4 1/2" blocks, I added 2" squares on each corner, sewed on the diagonal and will trim and press and have a nice little snowball block. 

Like this little one above.

Here are a few of the plain blocks and the pieced ones.   I think I am going to make it baby quilt size and give it to a friend of Molly's who had a baby in December.  I was going to do the Dr. Seuss fabric but thinks this looks so sweet and little girly!! 

Have you seen the "Hey Girl" posts on Pinterest?  They are so cute.  Gorgeous guy  --but didn't know his name.  Found out that it's Ryan Gosling (Ithink that's right).  He most certainly is fetching!!   Certainly some clever captions out there. 

I see the pulmonologist tomorrow and will be anxious to hear what he has to say.  Still feeling good. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Funoldhag!  I adore all the wonderful old vintage cards you can find on the internet and for a long time I have saved cards and other vintage items on my computer.   I have found so many great old postcards on - they have cards for every holiday, every city, everything you can imagine.  Thought I might post some that I think are so cute.  Enjoy!
I love this little gal.
 (Now click the "read more") - don't know how I did this but it is pretty cool.  I think it's called a line break.

Monday, February 13, 2012

More Vintage Baby Clothes

Here are some more vintage baby clothes - this time they belonged to my husband, Ray.  Also on the shelf are a darling little toy wagon,  his shoes, baby dish and book - along with some other little old odds and ends I have.  The blocks spelling his name belonged to our kids.   On the blocks, you can see a little teensy teddy bear.  My daughter-in-law's mom made that.  So cute!

His little wool sweater and mittens.

Two of the dresses he wore.  Wow, what a change from the way the babies are dressed now - our darling Henry is a case in point!  I still have to find the little short dark wool trousers that are somewhere in the basement.  Ray's mom saved quite a few of his clothes and gave them to me. 

I am still feeling good and will go to the doctor this Thursday.  Will be glad to see him and hear what he has to say. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Any Resemblance?

When I was looking through some of my files the other day, I came across this baby picture of me (on the bottom, of course!) and compared it to this darling picture of my little great grandson, Henry.  We certainly have the same chubby cheeks!  I think I was about the same age as he is in his picture.  Do you see any resemblance?  I am taken with the difference in clothing 83 years ago.  It is for certain that I am wearing a little wool outfit.  There was no plastic for diaper covers back then but I think there were "rubber pants".   It blows my mind to think of all the changes the world has gone through in the 83 years between the births of these little babies. 
Taken at Christmas, the four generations.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


How pretty are these on a gray day in Michigan?  When Sherry got my groceries for me the other day she brought along this sweet little gerber daisy.  Such lovely, colorful flowers.  And good news today that the stress test I took on Friday was normal - so happy to hear that.  Now it's on to the pulmonologist next week.

Fiddling around on Pinterest I found a recipe that really intrigued me made from two ingredients - a box of angel food cake mix and a can of lemon pie filling.  Sherry couldn't find any in a can but there was a jar of filling so she bought that.  You mix the two together - I just used a spoon and stirred it until all the dry ingredients were incorporated into the filling.  I used a pan that is a bit bigger than a 9 x 13 and baked it at 350 for about 25 minutes.  When it has cooled some, dust it with powdered sugar.  It is spongy and lemony and moist - really quite good.  How easy can you get? 
And, I made these two potholders for Sherry yesterday afternoon.  She had commented on a previous blog that she certainly could use some - hint, hint.  So these are for my DD who has added running her mom around to her already busy schedule.  I am so hoping that I will be mobile with the small oxygen tank and be able to drive to the few places I really need to go - like the quilt shop!!  Seriously, I think I will be able to get my own groceries, etc.   Whatever will be, will be.

Wanted to comment on how great I thought my favorite show - Castle - was last night.  Loved the way the characters portrayed other characters - especially Castle's daughter!  What a beautiful young woman.  That is the way I like my murder mysteries - lighthearted and fun.  Love The Mentalist, too, but when they do a bit with Red John, I cannot watch!!     

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project from Pinterest

I thought it might be fun to post some projects I find on Pinterest - ones that I would love to make but probably won't - for you to check out and maybe find one you would like, also.  I have made quite a few bags and this one caught my eye since I so love scrappy, scrappy, scrappy!  The more fabrics, the better!  I am giving you a link for this with the supply list and instructions included.  It actually opens at step three but you will see an orange "click" that will take you back to step 2, then from there to step 1.  That is good in a way since at step 3 there is a caution that there is an error in the amount of fabric.
Here is a smaller, quicker project and one that I had in my files that I would like to do.  There is a tutorial for this pretty little scrappy potholder and you will find it
here   Looks quick and easy and doesn't have to be bound.  Could also be a mugrug or placemat or whatever you want it to be. 

Had two more tests yesterday and will hear on those next week sometime.  Will have the appointment with the pulmonologist in about two weeks.  I am feeling good also getting some things done.  The granny square afghan is finally completed!  You've seen enough pictures of that one!  Started machine quilting the table topper so am getting into the swing of things again.  Have a great weekend!