Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Funoldhag!  I adore all the wonderful old vintage cards you can find on the internet and for a long time I have saved cards and other vintage items on my computer.   I have found so many great old postcards on
http://cardcow.com/ - they have cards for every holiday, every city, everything you can imagine.  Thought I might post some that I think are so cute.  Enjoy!
I love this little gal.
 (Now click the "read more") - don't know how I did this but it is pretty cool.  I think it's called a line break.
The last one is another valentine just for you!  I send you wishes for a day of love and flowers and/or chocolates!


Pokey said...

My first valentine of the day, thank you dear Carol! I hope you'll have a grand day yourself ~
hugs, pokey

Karen said...

Happy Valentine's Day Carol!

Quilting Queen said...

Hi Carol, I've awarded you the Liebster Blog award for those with under 200 followers...check out my blog to what I mean. Happy Valentine's Day.

Jewels said...

Heh Carol - happy Late Valentine's Day. Love the last card - what a hoot. Missed you tonight...everyone asking how you are doing...Hugs. J