Monday, February 13, 2012

More Vintage Baby Clothes

Here are some more vintage baby clothes - this time they belonged to my husband, Ray.  Also on the shelf are a darling little toy wagon,  his shoes, baby dish and book - along with some other little old odds and ends I have.  The blocks spelling his name belonged to our kids.   On the blocks, you can see a little teensy teddy bear.  My daughter-in-law's mom made that.  So cute!

His little wool sweater and mittens.

Two of the dresses he wore.  Wow, what a change from the way the babies are dressed now - our darling Henry is a case in point!  I still have to find the little short dark wool trousers that are somewhere in the basement.  Ray's mom saved quite a few of his clothes and gave them to me. 

I am still feeling good and will go to the doctor this Thursday.  Will be glad to see him and hear what he has to say. 


Leslie said...

Really neat things. I have kept alot of each of my childrens special things like baptism gowns and blankets and special stuffed animal for each of them. I hope some day they cherish them as you do. I kept each of their rocking horses also. Maybe Leif and I will repaint and doll them up when they have their first child. Special memories, huh!

Jewels said...

You are so lucky to have these Carol. I always enjoy seeing them when I come over. Take care. J