Friday, February 17, 2012

The News is Not That Bad

I saw the doctor yesterday and  I do have a lung problem and have been given prescriptions for some inhalers for treatment.   Will continue using the oxygen - and will now start using the smaller portable one as it's okay to drive.  I will be able to go feel the fabric at the quilt shops, go to sit and sew, and pick up my own groceries.    Sherry has been meeting all my needs (except I don't think she went and felt the fabric!!) so now she can have back the time she spent running around for mom even though I know she did it with so much love.  I do have to have two more tests next week and she will take me for those. 

I have been so blessed with my health over the many years that I have been on this earth, and, although the oxygen is a bit cumbersome, there are so many things that could be so much worse so I have no complaints.  This most likely comes from the many years I smoked - have not smoked for 20 years - and I guess I'm lucky it didn't show up before.  Anyway, all's well!  Thank you so much for your concern, my friends. 

Back to the inhalers - I had been shown how to use them and had the general idea but was not really sure I would do it right.  Light bulb moment - surely there are videos on youtube showing the procedure.  Of course - there were several.  I don't think there is anything you can think of that you can't find the answer to with a little searching. 

Have a great weekend!!!


Jewels said...

Carol - so glad for the update - I can only pray that if I reach 83 I am as in good as shape as you my friend! Great that you will be rejoining the ranks of "fabric feelers" to you soon. J

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thank you for the update Carol... You have a beautiful attitude!

Keep on feeling the fabrics! I have been doing that for years.

Hugs, Carolyn

Quilting Queen said...

Keep positive..this world is brighter with you in it. And you're right there is a great need for the fabrics to be felt...cheers.

Sherry said...

You are one smart fun old hag! And running errands for you has been a privilege!

Leslie said...

I agree with all of the above, good news, smart lady, wonderful attitude and great role model for all to follow.
Feeling the fabric, kind of sounds weird, for short we could refer to you as a "toucher". lol

carol fun said...

Glad to hear the health issues are manageable. I know getting out to pet the fabric will put you in a good mood- it sure makes me feel better - LOL! take care, have a great weekend

ps what did we do before the interntet and youtube??

Pokey said...

Thank you for sharing on your health, Carol. You will be so happy to have some of your freedom returned with a "portable" system. I'll continue to pray for you, as you are a bright spot on my computer! Blessings, dear girl~

Karen said...

I'm glad all is well and your portable system is ready to roll, but this touchy feely stuff, just what is in that oxygen tank?

Linda said...

Good to hear, best wishes to you. Your positive attitude is a blessing to you and everyone you share it with. Thank you!