Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Quilt Books

Like most quilters who have been doing this for many years, I have a lot of books in my quilting library.  Many of them are from the 80's and 90's and even a few that are older or reproductions of earlier books. The three above by Jan Halgrimson are late in that category.  100 Applique Patterns has served me well and many of the patterns are in some of my older quilts.
These were used in the days before we had pc's, scanners and printers that enable us to make patterns any size we wish without drawing the one inch grid to try and duplicate a pattern done on a smaller grid.  Doable but not fun nor accurate.  If I recall correctly, these blocks fit on a 15" block.
Here is a sample from Great Scrapbag Quilts.  Again, the same era and before the days of rotary cutters, mats and expensive but wonderful rulers.  This one was not well used by me, but I do like it and there are some great quilt blocks to choose from.
Here are two of the pages from Tiny Treasures which I tore out (and kept them with the book - a bad habit of mine) in later years and scanned or copied them to make larger.   The blocks in this book are for miniature quilts. 

Here is Fall into Winter from Red Wagon (Jerry Kimmel, Jan Patek and Linda Brannock) from Liberty, Missouri.  I have six of their books, the earliest 1989.  Done in primitive style,  there are some really great patterns in them.  I will do a post on Red Wagon later on if you enjoy this sort of thing.
I am thinking I might do one of these two cute train patterns to put back just in case there would be another little great grandson in the future.  I already have several put away.   I had completely forgotten about these when I did the little train quilt for Henry. I just love that little quilt, though.
I am pretty sure the little sweetie loves his quilt, also!
Look who has new new teeth!!!!!!  Growing so fast!


Sherry said...

Love the idea of another train quilt! You are one fast worker!

Donna~~ said...

Love your trains! I think I have that applique book too--and remember drafting and coloring graph paper drawings--only part of the reason I never accomplished too much! :)

Norah said...

He does love that quilt! Still fascinated with the colors and the black ric-rac, and he also enjoys adding his own drooly touches!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE!!!!! Darling post Carol.

Hug's Carolyn

carol fun said...

I have a soft spot for train quilts. My oldest son loved trains, still does and I made 2 bed sized train quilts. Maybe some day I'll get to make another for a grandbaby -- your little guys is adorable!

Leslie said...

I also had a little son who loved trains. I had a very cute train room for him for years. It was perhaps for many years my favorite room in our house. What's not to love about a little boy who loves choo, choo trains. Gar, actually called them boo, boo chains.

Make another train quilt just in case, Carol. lol

Pokey said...

Look at those teeth! What a sweet baby boy. I like the quintet pattern, along with the trains. Hope you are having a good day!