Tuesday, February 7, 2012


How pretty are these on a gray day in Michigan?  When Sherry got my groceries for me the other day she brought along this sweet little gerber daisy.  Such lovely, colorful flowers.  And good news today that the stress test I took on Friday was normal - so happy to hear that.  Now it's on to the pulmonologist next week.

Fiddling around on Pinterest I found a recipe that really intrigued me made from two ingredients - a box of angel food cake mix and a can of lemon pie filling.  Sherry couldn't find any in a can but there was a jar of filling so she bought that.  You mix the two together - I just used a spoon and stirred it until all the dry ingredients were incorporated into the filling.  I used a pan that is a bit bigger than a 9 x 13 and baked it at 350 for about 25 minutes.  When it has cooled some, dust it with powdered sugar.  It is spongy and lemony and moist - really quite good.  How easy can you get? 
And, I made these two potholders for Sherry yesterday afternoon.  She had commented on a previous blog that she certainly could use some - hint, hint.  So these are for my DD who has added running her mom around to her already busy schedule.  I am so hoping that I will be mobile with the small oxygen tank and be able to drive to the few places I really need to go - like the quilt shop!!  Seriously, I think I will be able to get my own groceries, etc.   Whatever will be, will be.

Wanted to comment on how great I thought my favorite show - Castle - was last night.  Loved the way the characters portrayed other characters - especially Castle's daughter!  What a beautiful young woman.  That is the way I like my murder mysteries - lighthearted and fun.  Love The Mentalist, too, but when they do a bit with Red John, I cannot watch!!     


Linda said...

Hope everything goes well with your doctor visits. ♥

I just rediscovered your wonderful blog (I'm Linda from Over-the-Fence, but I ended that blog and began a new one at the insistence of my daughters when I quit the other one).

Love the beautiful background, the header and all of the pretty things you have on your page.

I used to watch Castle regularly, but have gotten away from it. I don't really watch much on tv other than some HGTV programs, Glee, and Parenthood.

Hope you're having a beautiful week,
Linda in Illinois

Anonymous said...

I also do not like the "Red John" parts---too scarey. I will try the cake, it sounds so easy. Good news with your tests and I love the pot holders, nice job.

Leslie said...

sorry that was me--lol

Pokey said...

Glad to hear your health news, I've been thinking about you alot these days. The potpourri post is fun, you have me wanting to try the cake (isn't lemon anything the best?), those hot pads are adorable, and I'd sit right there with you to watch those 2 shows, they really are my faves!