Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project from Pinterest

I thought it might be fun to post some projects I find on Pinterest - ones that I would love to make but probably won't - for you to check out and maybe find one you would like, also.  I have made quite a few bags and this one caught my eye since I so love scrappy, scrappy, scrappy!  The more fabrics, the better!  I am giving you a link for this with the supply list and instructions included.  It actually opens at step three but you will see an orange "click" that will take you back to step 2, then from there to step 1.  That is good in a way since at step 3 there is a caution that there is an error in the amount of fabric.
Here is a smaller, quicker project and one that I had in my files that I would like to do.  There is a tutorial for this pretty little scrappy potholder and you will find it
here   Looks quick and easy and doesn't have to be bound.  Could also be a mugrug or placemat or whatever you want it to be. 

Had two more tests yesterday and will hear on those next week sometime.  Will have the appointment with the pulmonologist in about two weeks.  I am feeling good also getting some things done.  The granny square afghan is finally completed!  You've seen enough pictures of that one!  Started machine quilting the table topper so am getting into the swing of things again.  Have a great weekend!     


Jewels said...

Thanks for sharing Carol - I'm surprised you haven't started the bag it is right up your alley (*LOL*). Looking forward to hearing GOOD reports from the Doc. Hang in there. J

Sherry said...

Always in need of good and pretty potholders - hint, hint!

Leslie said...

Glad to hear that you got past 2 more tests. We spent 2 days hosting a huge Tri Cities High School Swimming Event at Western High School. Midland Dow got first. Gar did very good and we were proud of him. However, 3rd child and much older these 2 day events when you are the school host is a ton of work. I am pooped. Hope T.V. is good tonight cause momma is going to rest her feet. lol P.S. love Sherry's hint

carol fun said...

Oh Carol - I LOVE this tote bag. Thnaks for the link, I can't wait to make this bag.

Hope are you getting better every day. Take good care of you!