Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stupid Quilter Tricks

 First I quilted this quilt block I made a long, long time ago (there are quite a few of them that I had for a project that never got finished) figuring the blocks would make good mug rugs which seem to be kind of in right now. 
Then I quilted another one and decided I would make continuous binding instead of the four separate pieces I usually do.  These are only about 8 inches square so that's a lot of fiddling with the corners for something small.  Went on line and looked on Youtube and found a great video from Keepsake Quilting telling me exactly what to do.  Don't know why I have never really taken to this method.  She even had a great joining for the finish.  So, I did the first one - a little fiddley but finished it and thought it would be just fine.  The second one went much smoother and I was giving myself a big pat on the back until----
What's wrong with this picture?  The first one has the binding sewn on the back for turning to the front!!  The second one is right.   One thing for sure, stupid tricks like this keep a person humble!  I will continue to finish the first one in its backward state.  At least I think the quilting looks pretty good on it.  


quiltmom said...

Hi Carol,
I love your mug rugs-I especially like dresden plate as it was the first block that I ever made. When I machine finish my bindings I always apply them from back to from and then use a blind hem stitch on my machine. You could use a zig zag stitch instead of a blind hem stitch. Some people do prefer to hand finish all their pieces but I usually make large quilts so it would take me forever to get them bound. It is a long way around a king sized quilt.
Thanks for sharing your pretty blocks.
Regards from Western Canada,

quiltmom said...

I meant to say I apply them from back to front and that I love the dresden block pattern. I should have reread what I wrote- sometimes I think faster than I can type..
Happy quilting,

Jewels said...

haha Carol you are so funny - either way knowing you they will turn out just fine! So do I get one (hint, hint LOL). Hopefully all this new snow goes away real soon...

Leslie said...

Well they don't call you "crazy" for nothin!!! Oh wait, I am the one that calls you "crazy". lol

Quilting Queen said...

Gee and here I thought I was the only one that did things like that. ON the bright side, those are really pretty one will notice the binding goof except you..I won't tell if you won't. LOL