Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Mail the Other Day

Earlier, I found in the Connecting Thread e-mail that usually comes once a week a sale on some of their fabric.  This was half price - I ordered quite a few fat quarters of it along with three yards of the polka dot in two different colorways.  There is just a bit of the pretty dotted fabric in the above picture.  I have ordered fabric from them before and a couple of times was not as pleased as with  other orders.  This, though, is really great - the colors are wonderful and the fabric is silky and feels good to the hand. 
More pieces and the other dotted  fabric.  I don't necessarily plan to use these separately and don't quite know what I will do with it but have been mulling it around in my head.  I might do appliques or it might involve embroidery.  And it can certainly be mixed altogether and in with the other similar pieces I have.  I am really pleased with it.
I also ordered this book although I haven't really looked through it thoroughly.  It is a very pretty book and I think will have some fun projects to look at and think about.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jungle Fun

This goes back a long way - back to 2007.  Each year, our quilt guild has had a show (very, very nice shows with many beautiful quilts by our talented members).  There are usually challenge quilts and round robins which are made for inclusion.  I was looking around in my computer files and came across this which was made before I started blogging (almost 4 years now!).   I had forgotten about the project and wanted to do a post featuring it as I think it is possibly the best result of any passalong project that I have ever participated in.
This was the first strip made by Fran.  Fran loves giraffes and at one time had a quilt shop called Quilted Giraffe.  Included in the bag that was passed around was the fabric for the sashing and also fo the ground.
I cannot remember who did the great strips with the cheetah, snake and tiger, but I did the last one with the lady and her banana basket.  The tops were displayed sans quilting and I have often wondered if Fran ever quilted and bound this one.  If you did, Fran, and have a picture. why don't you send it to me and let me blog it?   Would love to see it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Short, Sweet Post

Just thought I would share the cuteness!!  He is growing so- almost 8 1/2 months old. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Down, Two to Go

Here is the little quilt with the green girls all quilted and bound.  It does need a label and so will the other ones.  I will have to have a label making day soon. 
The little folk art applique wallhanging is all done and being bound.   I will show both of these in our guild's quilt show the end of April.  Hoping I get the Mexican Star quilted in time, also.  It is sandwiched, pinned and ready to go. 

Here is the tabletopper on the table.  Looks like I need to put a new bouquet of posies in my pretty little pitcher.  I love that little thing - found it in an antique store in the KC area.   The last piece I am working is the little Snowball Star quilt and it is in the process of being quilted and coming along well.  Feels good to be getting some of those things finished.  Then I can start some more!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This morning one of my favorite people stopped by with this beautiful pin cushion for me.   Lori had posted a picture of her pin cushions on Facebook and I made a comment about how beautiful it was.  That sweetie pie brought one of them over to me this morning!  It is even prettier in person than in the photo on Facebook.  The berry is red tweed with black seed beads and the blossoms white wool with bead centers and green wool leaves.  I also have at least two other pin cushions Lori made in the past that I purchased at the bazaar we always have with our quilt show each year.

This sits on a glass bud vase----

what girl who lived in Kansas for over twenty-five years could resist a sunflower pin cushion.  This has stood right along side my sewing machine for quite a few years now.

Then a couple of years ago I bought this one Lori made.  I think that it is covered with machine made lace.  It is beside my spot on the couch where I do my hand sewing. 
Another sweet pin cushion - this one given to me by Leslie and probably Elle was in on this, also.  I love the little felt balls and pretty little beads.  There is one more
Here is a darling pincushion with a little bag attached for threads and snippets of fabric.  This also sits by my machine and I even manage to get some thread in it!!  My buddy, Earlene, gave this to me.   I have some very generous and very nice friends and I love them all!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Unbelievable Weather!

Have been doing lots and lots of quilting this past couple of weeks.  Altogether I have quilted the table topper, the embroidered green ladies and the little folk art wall hanging.  They are all done except for the wall hanging which now is ready to be bound.
One of the baskets in the little piece.  I just outlined the appliques and stippled the background since nothing shows up very clearly on the background fabric.

Being worked on now is the little snowball star.  Again, this is really simple quilting - following lines diagonally and stippling the snowball blocks.  They are  a little puffy, but they quilt out nicely.  Haven't figured the border out yet but it will come.
A closer look at the blocks - I so love these little prints.
Waiting in the wings is the little Mexican star I did in a class last fall. 
In this photo you can see the little edges that had to be turned back (as in a cathedral window block) and hand sewn.  That took a long time since a little of that went a long way.  My colors aren't quite as contrasting as I would like them to be, but I think it is pretty anyway.  Have to decide now how to quilt this one.  Would like to do something a little fancier.  Maybe I will try to put some motifs on to follow free motion.  I found a picture of a Mexican star on the internet that has given me some ideas.

Now about this amazing, wonderful, weird weather!  Not complaining, that's for sure, but this is way too early for so much of the above record warmth.  Supposed to stay like this through the weekend.  The trees and flowers will all be thinking the cold is gone - and I don't think that is true.  A day or two isn't so unusual, but a long stretch most certainly is.  However, we will all enjoy this to the hilt, I know.
I am feeling great and getting out and about with one or both of my new best friends, my portable oxygen tanks.  When I went grocery shopping for the first time in quite a long spell (went with Sherry), I never ever thought I would be so glad to see Kroger again!  However, although I am so happy to be able to go when I wish, the initial thrill has faded some as far as Kroger is concerned, but how happy I am to be on the road again even if it's not very far.  I wasn't going very far before this happened anyway.  I went to guild last night with two of my quilting friends and was so glad to see everyone and I think they were glad to see me.  I am now going to be on my way to Kroger!   What a day it is out there - hope it's this way where you are, also.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Quilting Wallhangings

The table topper is being bound, the green embroidered girls are done and this is the one I'm working on now.  This will go fast - it's small and I will just outline all the pieces and stipple the background. 
After this is done, I will get back to the snowball star.  I started it, goofed and had to do some unsewing.   That one will take a little longer to do and I'm not quite sure on just what I will be doing with it yet. Thought I would post some pictures of three other little quilts I did quite a few years ago in the reproduction fabrics.   Fabric from the thirties and forties make such sweet, old fashioned quilts.  These will be around for when there are more great grandchildren no matter when. 
A drunkard's patch block alternated with Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam.  For the border,
I found a nice font in my print program and did the alphabet all the way around three sides of the quilt and the numbers along the bottom.  It is stippled with a light variegated thread.  I am some better with my stippling now.
 Here is Sue
and this is Sam.  It was such fun to pick out their little outfits.

Part of another quilt - makes an overall pattern.  Again, this was a fun one to do.

Two of the blocks in that quilt.  Again, stippling for the background. 

Here is the third quilt -- done by paper piecing four very simple little blocks then sewing them together in a larger block.  Easy peasy.  The back of this one and the one before are both done by piecing large pieces of the reprouction fabric together.  
Here is a closeup of one of the blocks - this one I did in a stones pattern.  Not good but not too bad.   Then there is one more with the Aunt Gracie fabrics and that is my fluffy ruffles that you have all seen.  Wow, this is a long post for me!   Hope you enjoyed it.  Now I have to go fix some supper - I am thinking shrimp and steak fries!   Quick, easy and good! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Pictures I Think Are Gorgeous

No sewing today - some cleaning but not a whole lot.   I work a while, then go sit down.  My back has a tendency to give me fits when I bend over for very long, but the relief is instantaneous when I sit.  I usually do that in front of my pc!  So I do while away some time that way.  I did manage to vacuum the living-dining room, hall and my little den.   It's a game keeping the sweeper cord and my oxygen cord from getting together and keeping the sweeper from sucking them both in.  I also made some tuna salad and had a tuna salad wrap with some of the yummy cheesy potato soup I brought home from Sherry's last night.   My snack drawer which was kind of messy with loose crackers, little pieces of stray candy, etc., and I cleaned that out.  It's now pretty empty and needs restocking.  Now about that beautiful bird at the top of this post.  That was found on Pinterest.  There is so much beauty out there and you can just get lost.  I like to go to the websites that are listed for the origin of the pictures shown.  Some of them have tons of other beautiful photos and I enjoy pinning some of those. 
Here is another exotic bird picture.  The colors are just wonderful.  The picture of the bird at the top is one of my very favorite pictures. 
These tulips also draw me to them.  The striking color against the black is absolutely beautiful.  I so love color!!!!!    Tomorrow I get back to quilting - I'm ready to start the snowball star. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Working on Quilting Wallhangings

The week flew by and I did accomplish getting some of the machine quilting done that I have lined up.   The color in this picture is bad, but at least you can see the quilting.  Nothing fancy, but this is such a busy little thing I just outlined all the appliques and then stippled.
The back doesn't look too bad.  This is now ready to be trimmed and bound.

Here is the second piece.  Again, the color isn't good, sorry.  On this little lady I stippled the entire block.  Embroidered blocks tend to get very puffy and I don't particularly like that look.  So in the little quilts that I have made with embroidered blocks I have quilted them overall and have been reasonably pleased with the outcome.  This time I decided to do the next one differently.  Using monofilament thread, I outlined the prominent lines in the block.
Then I stippled the background.  I really like how this one came out, so I am now unsewing the first girl and will do her the same way.   The remaining three ladies will be treated in the same manner.   After this is finished, it's on to the snowball star.

that contains 19 other little girl pages suitable for embroidery.  Just click on one of them for enlarging - then right click and save as.   The website has lots and lots of great things.  Look around and enjoy.  Have a great weekend!