Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Pictures I Think Are Gorgeous

No sewing today - some cleaning but not a whole lot.   I work a while, then go sit down.  My back has a tendency to give me fits when I bend over for very long, but the relief is instantaneous when I sit.  I usually do that in front of my pc!  So I do while away some time that way.  I did manage to vacuum the living-dining room, hall and my little den.   It's a game keeping the sweeper cord and my oxygen cord from getting together and keeping the sweeper from sucking them both in.  I also made some tuna salad and had a tuna salad wrap with some of the yummy cheesy potato soup I brought home from Sherry's last night.   My snack drawer which was kind of messy with loose crackers, little pieces of stray candy, etc., and I cleaned that out.  It's now pretty empty and needs restocking.  Now about that beautiful bird at the top of this post.  That was found on Pinterest.  There is so much beauty out there and you can just get lost.  I like to go to the websites that are listed for the origin of the pictures shown.  Some of them have tons of other beautiful photos and I enjoy pinning some of those. 
Here is another exotic bird picture.  The colors are just wonderful.  The picture of the bird at the top is one of my very favorite pictures. 
These tulips also draw me to them.  The striking color against the black is absolutely beautiful.  I so love color!!!!!    Tomorrow I get back to quilting - I'm ready to start the snowball star. 


carol fun said...

Don't over do it! I know that is easier said than done, and I would only pay lip service to that advice, if you gave it to me - LOL! I LOVE the pictures you pin! You have quite the eye for color and I enjoy re-pinning them. Take care -

Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! Yes, be careful not to over do it. Have fun restocking the snack drawer.

Leslie said...

Very pretty, I just love the first bird.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I just found your blog1 It is wonderful. I've never did any quilting but I so love seeing the beautiful quilts that others make.

You gotta have at least one or two Reese's Peanut butter cups in that snack drawer of yours.

Hugs iris

Pokey said...

They must have been photo edited, but oh so pretty! It is good to have a place to rest that brings such fun to your door. Do take care ~