Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Quilting Wallhangings

The table topper is being bound, the green embroidered girls are done and this is the one I'm working on now.  This will go fast - it's small and I will just outline all the pieces and stipple the background. 
After this is done, I will get back to the snowball star.  I started it, goofed and had to do some unsewing.   That one will take a little longer to do and I'm not quite sure on just what I will be doing with it yet. Thought I would post some pictures of three other little quilts I did quite a few years ago in the reproduction fabrics.   Fabric from the thirties and forties make such sweet, old fashioned quilts.  These will be around for when there are more great grandchildren no matter when. 
A drunkard's patch block alternated with Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam.  For the border,
I found a nice font in my print program and did the alphabet all the way around three sides of the quilt and the numbers along the bottom.  It is stippled with a light variegated thread.  I am some better with my stippling now.
 Here is Sue
and this is Sam.  It was such fun to pick out their little outfits.

Part of another quilt - makes an overall pattern.  Again, this was a fun one to do.

Two of the blocks in that quilt.  Again, stippling for the background. 

Here is the third quilt -- done by paper piecing four very simple little blocks then sewing them together in a larger block.  Easy peasy.  The back of this one and the one before are both done by piecing large pieces of the reprouction fabric together.  
Here is a closeup of one of the blocks - this one I did in a stones pattern.  Not good but not too bad.   Then there is one more with the Aunt Gracie fabrics and that is my fluffy ruffles that you have all seen.  Wow, this is a long post for me!   Hope you enjoyed it.  Now I have to go fix some supper - I am thinking shrimp and steak fries!   Quick, easy and good! 


Linda said...

Wow, gorgeous work!! You're so talented. The old fashioned quilt pattern reminds me of a similar scrap of a quilt I have that was made by my Grandma. She died in 1972 and I only knew her for a short time of my life because I was only 7 that summer that she died, but I cling to that scrap as a priceless treasure.

You might remember me from my old blog (over-the-fence). I ended that blog at the end of the year without any intention of starting up again, but my daughter and her friends encouraged me to keep going so I started a new blog and that's where I'm writing you from. :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening,
Linda in Illinois

Donna~~ said...

Your quilts are all so lovely--and you finish so much! I love the one you are working on right now--that black/white check in the flowers just calls to me--it's really pretty with the colors and the background.

Jewels said...

Lovely Carol - hope you are doing well. We need to catch up :) J

Karen said...

I sure did enjoy this post Carol!

Leslie said...

I love all of them. They are even more special because you did the quilting on them. Nice Job.

Susan said...

Hi! Jewels sent me to your blog since I am a beginner quilter and she thought I should see your work. Your quilts are really beautiful!! I hope someday I can make something as pretty as these!