Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jungle Fun

This goes back a long way - back to 2007.  Each year, our quilt guild has had a show (very, very nice shows with many beautiful quilts by our talented members).  There are usually challenge quilts and round robins which are made for inclusion.  I was looking around in my computer files and came across this which was made before I started blogging (almost 4 years now!).   I had forgotten about the project and wanted to do a post featuring it as I think it is possibly the best result of any passalong project that I have ever participated in.
This was the first strip made by Fran.  Fran loves giraffes and at one time had a quilt shop called Quilted Giraffe.  Included in the bag that was passed around was the fabric for the sashing and also fo the ground.
I cannot remember who did the great strips with the cheetah, snake and tiger, but I did the last one with the lady and her banana basket.  The tops were displayed sans quilting and I have often wondered if Fran ever quilted and bound this one.  If you did, Fran, and have a picture. why don't you send it to me and let me blog it?   Would love to see it.


Jewels said...

That is an oldy but a goody - I remember the oohs and aahs as it really did turn out nice. J

Leslie said...

Oh I definitely remember that one. I still display the round robin that we did one year using shapes. I just love my quilt also. I miss doing those but most of all I miss Lori M. leading them. She was the best for getting everyone laughing and participating. Wasn't she!!!!