Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Unbelievable Weather!

Have been doing lots and lots of quilting this past couple of weeks.  Altogether I have quilted the table topper, the embroidered green ladies and the little folk art wall hanging.  They are all done except for the wall hanging which now is ready to be bound.
One of the baskets in the little piece.  I just outlined the appliques and stippled the background since nothing shows up very clearly on the background fabric.

Being worked on now is the little snowball star.  Again, this is really simple quilting - following lines diagonally and stippling the snowball blocks.  They are  a little puffy, but they quilt out nicely.  Haven't figured the border out yet but it will come.
A closer look at the blocks - I so love these little prints.
Waiting in the wings is the little Mexican star I did in a class last fall. 
In this photo you can see the little edges that had to be turned back (as in a cathedral window block) and hand sewn.  That took a long time since a little of that went a long way.  My colors aren't quite as contrasting as I would like them to be, but I think it is pretty anyway.  Have to decide now how to quilt this one.  Would like to do something a little fancier.  Maybe I will try to put some motifs on to follow free motion.  I found a picture of a Mexican star on the internet that has given me some ideas.

Now about this amazing, wonderful, weird weather!  Not complaining, that's for sure, but this is way too early for so much of the above record warmth.  Supposed to stay like this through the weekend.  The trees and flowers will all be thinking the cold is gone - and I don't think that is true.  A day or two isn't so unusual, but a long stretch most certainly is.  However, we will all enjoy this to the hilt, I know.
I am feeling great and getting out and about with one or both of my new best friends, my portable oxygen tanks.  When I went grocery shopping for the first time in quite a long spell (went with Sherry), I never ever thought I would be so glad to see Kroger again!  However, although I am so happy to be able to go when I wish, the initial thrill has faded some as far as Kroger is concerned, but how happy I am to be on the road again even if it's not very far.  I wasn't going very far before this happened anyway.  I went to guild last night with two of my quilting friends and was so glad to see everyone and I think they were glad to see me.  I am now going to be on my way to Kroger!   What a day it is out there - hope it's this way where you are, also.


carol fun said...

Great looking quilts! Your quilting is wonderful too - I don't seem to have the patience or the talent for it. Glad I have a good long arm gal. The weather is just gorgeous isnt' it? I hope this means winter is over but I'm skeptical -- this is the midwest - and I remember more than one Easter when is snowed. Enjoy the sunshine!

Jewels said...

How wonderful Carol - they are lovely AND it was wonderful spending time with you and "critiquing" ugly quilt DVDs LOL... J

Leslie said...

wow that is amazing how great the black and white modern prints look by using the primitive gatherings pattern. What a difference. I love it. You have a great eye for color and design.

Quilting Queen said...

Wow! Hey Carol...I sure do like that Mexican Star...the others are gorgeous too, but that one just popped right out at intriguing.

Pokey said...

Good to hear you are out and about, even if it requires your "best friends" company. I'm sure your quilt guild loves you and your constant inspiration. You are loved <3
I cannot get over your three recent additions you've shown. The curves you are stitching into the Mexican star add such appeal to the design!
The snowball is so sweet with its mix of straight line quilting and stippling, not to mention your 30's reproduction prints, and the modern prints in the black and white demand attention, too! It's no wonder you continue to quilt, you dabble in the entire fabric mediums there are!
Lovely work, dear Carol!

Janet said...

You have such a wonderful eye for choosing colors and fabrics. It really makes a difference in all your lovely quilt projects.

Karen said...

Well done Carol and glad to hear you have been out and about!