Saturday, March 3, 2012

Working on Quilting Wallhangings

The week flew by and I did accomplish getting some of the machine quilting done that I have lined up.   The color in this picture is bad, but at least you can see the quilting.  Nothing fancy, but this is such a busy little thing I just outlined all the appliques and then stippled.
The back doesn't look too bad.  This is now ready to be trimmed and bound.

Here is the second piece.  Again, the color isn't good, sorry.  On this little lady I stippled the entire block.  Embroidered blocks tend to get very puffy and I don't particularly like that look.  So in the little quilts that I have made with embroidered blocks I have quilted them overall and have been reasonably pleased with the outcome.  This time I decided to do the next one differently.  Using monofilament thread, I outlined the prominent lines in the block.
Then I stippled the background.  I really like how this one came out, so I am now unsewing the first girl and will do her the same way.   The remaining three ladies will be treated in the same manner.   After this is finished, it's on to the snowball star.

that contains 19 other little girl pages suitable for embroidery.  Just click on one of them for enlarging - then right click and save as.   The website has lots and lots of great things.  Look around and enjoy.  Have a great weekend!


carol fun said...

Hi Carol - your quilting looks great and it really enhances the pieces. Great work! Thoes little girl embroidery patterns are too cute. I need to print some off - take care!

Karen said...

How wonderful your flowers look all quilted! Love the ladies both ways.

Pokey said...

I see the improvement on the second lady block, it sure made a difference! Your work is beautiful, you have such an eye for the "art" of quilting.
I downloaded several of the little girl prints, how sweet they are, thanks for sharing that link. Hope you are doing well, hugs, pokey

Jewels said...

Love how these are turning out Carol - I will have to come over and see in person :> J