Monday, April 30, 2012

A Gift from Paducah

Several of the girls went to the wonderful quilt show in Paducah this past weekend - if I were a few years younger I would have been right there with them!  Leslie brought me back a lovely die cut Hawaiin applique that is positive and negative.  It had me fascinated so this morning I looked through my fabric and found a piece of fabric in my Kaffe stash.  I needed a pretty good sized piece and sometimes that's hard to find in my stuff.  I thought this went well with the beautiful turquoise.  So now I will probably machine buttonhole all around each motif and then layer and quilt the pieces since I think these will make striking pillows.  The pillows will be large ones!  There is also a spool of yummy thread that came with the gift, but I think I will need another color for the fabric that I chose.  The thread will be put to good use later on.  It was a little tricky laying out the motifs without fraying the narrow stems.  I did fine with it, though, and they may not be exactly perfect, but I think they look really good.  Thank you, my friend!!


carol fun said...

Beautiful present! You have wonderful friends with great taste! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, love it!!! I knew you could do something special with this. Enjoy!!!

Pokey said...

What a thoughtful gift from a thoughtful friend!