Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Good Afternoon

Lately I have been fiddling a little bit with the Nancy Page Laurel Wreath quilt I started some time ago.  It's been one of those love-hate relationships with the blocks, but now I think I am in love with it again.  Earlier, I had tried making the leaves all the same green - and I didn't like that at all..  I also had planned to use Aunt Gracie type fabrics.  Instead, I decided to go with Kaffe fabrics and  put one  together which is the top right one in this picture.  Wasn't too sure of that, either.  However, I did put together three more wreaths and they looked rather pleasing together even though they were empty.  Today I cut the applique pieces for the three that needed centers.  See the strip of glorious fabric down the side that I just tore and put up where sashing would be?  I just love that!  I bought that - maybe a yard and a third -  some time ago at the Park Bench because I thought it was so very pretty.
This quilt would be 5 across and 5 down with the blocks being 12" making a 60" square quilt sans border.  If I add a 1 1/2" sashing all around and 6 to 8 inch border, I would have a great size quilt for a double bed with a dust ruffle.  Would also have enough of the fabric to bind the quilt. 
Have also decided to also use some of the pretty dotted fabric in each center as a constant in the quilt.  It really lends itself to the flowers and birdies that will be featured in the individual blocks.  Doesn't it make you feel good when you finally have a plan?  Must go and scrounge up some supper!  Wish that were as much fun as quilting. 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

As to your question YES it is always great to have a plan! Love your project! Beautiful fabric and colors.

:) Carolyn

Deb said...

What a great idea - to use Kaffe fabrics in applique; they are absolutely beautiful.

carol fun said...

These blocks are so pretty! I love the dotty bird and I totally agree - it makes a gal happy when a plan finally comes together. Happys stitching!

Karen said...

I'm glad you are in love with it again, as it is beautiful! And, yes, it does feel good to have a plan.

Karen said...

I am giving some thought to making the Laurel quilt. You have used beautiful fabrics.